Coming up with content for your blog can be a daunting task at times. We’ve all been there. You sit down at your computer, coffee ready, headphones on, you’re in the zone and BAM your mind goes blank.  You’re just sitting there watching the cursor taunt you with its maniacal blinking. Here are some tips to spark your imagination and help you write that blog.

Ask People

Whether it be friends (on and off-line) or your audience, just ask what people are interested in reading about, the answers can spark ideas that would have never crossed your mind otherwise. The people around you are a vital resource. As a blogger, you NEED content. So when the well runs dry, why not tap into your social/professional networks to help you come up with something to write about. Somewhat in the realm of “ask people,” go to your favorite social media outlet and see what’s trending. If it’s trending, it means people are interested and if people are interested in a topic, they usually want to read about it.


 Do an Interview

Interviews are great content fodder for bloggers! Just think about it, you only have to come up with some interview questions (instead of an entire 500-1000 word article) and you can network with some pretty interesting people at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Review Something

Is there a certain app you love (or hate)? Review it! Tell people why it’s awesome or not so awesome. You could also do a ranked list (i.e. 10 Worst Office Supply Stores, Top 5 Websites for Ham Recipes, etc.) It’s your blog so write about things that interest you. I think it’s a safe bet that if it interests you, it will interest your readers as well.

top 10

Write a How-to

People love “Tips and Tricks” articles. Do you know how to do something that pertains to the overall theme of your blog? Well then why are you just sitting there, write about it! That may or may not be how I came up with the utterly brilliant blog that you are reading this very second.

twitter tips

Have Someone Else Do It

Guest bloggers are a great resource to meet your goals when you’re strapped for content or just having one of those weeks where you can’t fit in another task without ripping out your hair. Anyone can be a guest blogger, ask one of your colleagues outside of your department or if you have a friend that is a whiz kid when it comes to a certain topic, recruit them to write up something.

little writer

Get Out

Sometimes all it takes to break free of your writer’s block is to get out of usual routine. Always write in your office? Go to a coffee shop. Is it nice out? Go for a walk; getting out of your usual routine with help free your mind to new ideas. Maybe while you’re out for a stroll, you’ll see something that inspires you. Worst case scenario, got some fresh air for a bit.


Do you have any tips on optimizing the blog writing process? Give us your insight in the comments below!

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