The technical job market is growing in leaps and bounds – it is booming now and will continue to do so into the future. A current growth in custom software development is increasing the need for developers in every language.  Building integrated engineering teams that combine development expertise with infrastructure knowledge and experience, is adding to the need for Systems and Network specialists. Beginning a career in tech, whether you are a techie or not, will provide an individual with a wealth of career opportunities in a multitude of verticals from healthcare to finance to retail and more. Here are some of the top reasons to explore a career in technology and computer science:

First, there is always the salary!

rich techAverage salaries in technology have risen every year for the past decade including 2014 – Denver is listed in the top ten cities for tech salaries with the average salary of 93K in 2013. Entry level positions start at the mid 30’s for support and mid 50’s for development., a career website for IT professionals, reported a 2.6% increase in technology salaries in 2013 and 34% of those respondents received an additional bonus. The average bonus received in tech in 2013 was $9,323. The Denver – Boulder area has the highest average tech salary outside of Silicon Valley, with hiring growth rates increasing each month. Denver has enjoyed yearly increases in salary average for tech and will continue to grow!

 Cost of Education

The cost of technology focused education is affordable in comparison to other industries (think no med school bills) and the starting salary (no intern pay check) will place you in a position to pay off any outstanding student loan debt quicker. While earning a degree can help you land a higher entry salary, you can self-teach basic development skills (though most developers have a bachelor’s degree) or attend community educational events on tech subjects to learn enough for an entry level position. Websites like and are great free tools to utilize to learn new tech skills and coding languages. Choosing to major in computer science at a university ensures that you will have career opportunities even in a recession.

 Career Choices

There are many careers within the field of technology and computer science. For instance, infrastructure for the fix it people and problem solvers or front end development for the creative folks. Technology careers vary – not everything is Development, which may not be for everyone.  Five of the tech careers expected to be the fastest growing include Software Developer, Computer System Analyst, Web Developer, Information Security Analyst, and Database Administrator.


Of the two fastest growing jobs in tech – Software Development and Computer System Analyst – each has distinct skills, project types, and industries involved. Software Developers are needed for the ever expanding call for new applications, databases, games, operating systems, and custom software of all types. Employees in any industry can be encouraged to learn current skills and languages for a shot at an entry level development position. Within this role 140,000 new positions are predicted to be created by 2022 and there is a significant gap in how many jobs are available versus how many new graduates are being produced from our educational system. Computer System Analysts must understand the interaction of networks, software, and hardware to be able to ascertain which operating system and organization should be using. This role requires one to understand how systems interact and how to match technology to company’s specific needs. Positions can be found in all types of industries including industrial, security, agriculture, and manufacturing. With a predicted 24.5% employment need increase, this role will have 127,700 job openings in the next 8 years.

 Location, Remote Work, and Perks

denverIt is no longer acceptable to just offer employees in technology a standard office environment and average benefits. Location options and remote work are becoming more popular in tech compared to other career choices, which means greater flexibility for work life balance and the ability to work for a company that may not be near where you live. Startups, especially tech ones, offer much more than a paycheck with creative office space, game rooms, and catering. Amadeus Consulting grants employees flexible work time in the form of “Mountain Days” among many of their out of the box benefits. Companies are striving to create unique internal cultures and creative work environments that are attractive and exciting for their current employees and for those entering the market.

 In Conclusion: Get started!

With the explosive demand for skilled tech employees, this is an amazing opportunity to launch or re-launch your career. There are various entry points into tech, and a wealth of online information to assist individuals in starting a tech career. Boulder is one of the top places for technical startups, followed by Ft. Collins – both in Colorado, so stay tuned for our upcoming investigation on working efficiently with recruiters to find the perfect tech position for you!