Over the years at Amadeus we’ve seen projects that start with a highly energetic drive for completion, only to run into struggles when the project hits its first, inevitable, snag. We’ve also seen projects that get caught in the ‘analysis paralysis’ phase and can’t seem to get to development.

What if there were a tool to quickly analyze a project, get at the underlying business goals, and be sure you were on the right track?

What if, at the same time, those steps gave you a structure for hard decisions that are bound to come once your project gets moving?

This is why Amadeus created ID-GEMID-GEM is a series of steps to evaluate a project at the beginning and be sure that all stakeholders are on the same page.  You can then use the agreed upon objectives and goals later when you must make decisions about new features and subsystems you want to create.

Do the new features complement existing functionality in pursuit of your overall goal? Or are they taking you in a different direction?

It is important to know your goals and consider your new work in light of those goals.

There may also be times when a business needs to pivot.  Using ID-GEM you can evaluate your pivot and understand what it means.  You can get stakeholders back on the same page and move confidently in new directions if you need to.

Take a look at ID-GEM if you are considering getting started on a new software development project.   It is something that we are proud of and represents the culmination of a lot of work on a lot of projects.  It pulls together a lot of great ideas from a lot of great people (both employees and clients) over a number of years.

At Amadeus we like working with clients to understand their needs and get their software projects launched. ID-GEM is a new tool for ensuring that things start off on the right track and stay there along the way.