Pokemon GO’s meteoric rise can be attributed to a lot of things. It’s quite “sticky” because the platform is built on an endless reward cycle of catching Pokemon. It has a fantastic brand history that connects with young and old users alike. Most importantly, it opens up a whole new way to experience a multi player game – face to face in the real world. When every modern multi player game only connects people across servers and screens, its refreshing to get together with others in person to play.

You may think it’s only a game for kids, but people of all ages are playing and you should too. Niantic’s first major game, Ingress, used crowd sourced  location data for their way points throughout their augmented reality map. The company re-purposed those public murals, sculpture, and historic landmarks from that game into Pokestops in Pokemon GO’s new virtual world.  You’ll be surprised at how much the game gets you walking outside and experiencing your city on foot.

As you explore your neighborhood, you may notice how local businesses are getting involved with this game. If a local business is fortunate enough to be close to a Pokestop, they’ll incentivize customers to put lures down to attract more players to drive more business. If a business isn’t close enough to a Pokestop to use a lure, they can still connect with customers by offering discounts to Pokemon GO teams and even retweeting when customers post about Pokemon caught at their location.

It seems like everyone has caught the Pokemon GO bug. It has a big enough audience that it matters. Even Yelp has added a new filter to their local search: “Pokestop nearby.” As you play, you might realize that your business has a way to incorporate the game into your marketing. Who knows, it might even be how you get your employees walking and exercising for your company’s health and wellness programs.