Greetings fellow tech fans and welcome to yet another edition of This Week in Technology for October 28th, 2013.  It’s been another exciting week in our neck of the woods with product launch announcements galore, the NSA spying possibly getting its day in court, and the shameful meltdown of what we call  Amid all of these blockbuster developments, we’ve still managed to find the time to hunt down a few unique snippets for our loyal readers to enjoy.  So hopefully you’re ready to have your mind blown because This Week in Technology is starting now!

Apple’s War on Disk Drives

disk drive

Have you noticed that the latest desktops and laptops from Apple no longer come with a DVD or Blu-Ray drive?  That’s because Apple has been trying to phase out these once-popular devices ever since the MacBook Air hit stores shelves back in 2008.  At first, it was purely from a cost-driven standpoint to trim as much off the MSRP of cutting-edge devices as possible but at some point; Apple came to the conclusion that disk drives just weren’t practical anymore.  Perhaps it was the bulk that came from these peripheral drives or maybe it was the upgraded power requirements to install them.  In any case, Apple has officially dealt the killing blow this past month by removing the last DVD drive from their current product lineup.

To be fair, other manufacturers have been making this move for just as long and our disk drives really aren’t a necessity anymore.  Since flash drives are more efficient and Internet downloads are just plain faster, it will only be a matter of time before PC makers follow suit and say goodbye to disk drives forever.  On the same note, it’s just a bit sad; what will we lose next?  Our keyboards?  Our big, flashy desktop monitors?

The Police War on Tracking Criminals


Our next tech story of the day seemingly comes straight from the vaults of a James Bond movie, only Bond himself never had it so good.  A new product named StarChase combines the existing tracking abilities of GPS with an air-powered turret that’s mounted on the front of police vehicles to give officers the upper hand in pursuing fleeing subjects.  Instead of placing pedestrians in danger, police in the test areas of Florida and Iowa can now fire GPS projectiles safely from their vehicles to bring a dangerous chase to a halt.


The drawback for the StarChase system is that after an initial $5,000 upfront purchase, each “bullet” costs taxpayers $500 each without any guarantee of actually nabbing the bad guy.  It’s an ingenious idea though and if it makes the streets safer, then expect for this innovative prototype to start popping up in police departments across the country.

The Tweeting Bra’s War on Cancer

tweeting bra

Our final tech story of the day takes technology to a place where it’s never been before- inside women’s undergarments.  Meet the Tweeting Bra, an invention by chocolate maker Nestle that’s designed to upload a post to Twitter every time the clasp on the bra is unfastened.  Before you fellas start getting the wrong idea here though, this innovative product was manufactured for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to remind the ladies to schedule an appointment for their annual examinations.  Through a Bluetooth connection within the bra’s clasp, the tweets are sent through the user’s cellular connection to Nestle Fitness’s Twitter account.

Unfortunately, the Tweeting Bra will not be hitting American shorelines this year since Nestle Fitness brands (made up of primarily healthy cereals) are not sold in the United States.  The campaign has been a huge hit so far overseas though so look for the Tweeting Bra in retail stores next year.

Well, that’s all we have for you in This Week in Technology for October 28th, 2013.  Be sure to check back with us again next week for some Halloween Horrors and the best the web has to offer in the field of technology.