Hello fellow tech fanatics and welcome to yet another summer edition of This Week in Technology for July 15th, 2013. As the rain continues to fall across much of the country and we experience unseasonably coolbaby in technologytemperatures, the world of tech has been heating right up and making lots of noise. From the Mars Rover still chugging along to the NSA leaks to tech stocks missing the mark, it’s been a week full of drama and excitement. That brings us right into our features topics for this week- the spiraling trend of tech workers getting younger, Apple’s iWatch patent, and a revolutionary solar-powered aircraft known as the Solar Impulse.

Tech Workers are Getting Younger

baby laptopThe Seattle-based tech companyPayScale recently did some quick calculations and determined that the median age for technology workers is decreasing; with many of the hottest start-ups relying on employees in their mid-20’s. In fact, companies like IBM, Nokia, and Dell had among the oldest median tech workers at an average 37 years of age, which is still five years under the national average. Other household names like Facebook and Google saw a median age of 28 within their companies.

Then again, it’s not too surprising that the rapidly evolving world of tech would actively seek out young talent, but it’s also a troubling sign for those of us “past our prime” in the technology field. This is definitely a trend that we will pay more attention to going forward so check back for updates.

Apple Files iWatch Patent

appleIn other news, consumers have worked themselves into somewhat of a frenzy over news that Apple has filed a trademark on their upcoming iWatch in Japan. The website TechRadar made this news even more enticing by adding that Apple has an estimated 100 employees working on the iWatch project and the company is pushing to make an initial launch sooner rather than later. Of course, that and $3.89 can buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks but the web cannot stop buzzing about the rumors nonetheless.

Samsung, Google, Microsoft and several other name brands have also claimed to have a smartphone watch in the works as well but don’t get too excited just yet. Rumors are circulating that all manufacturers are getting hung up on the battery aspect required to power such a small device, so don’t start looking on stores shelves until early 2014 at a minimum.

Solar Airplane Completes Maiden Voyage

Our final news story of the day takes a look at a sensational new technology that’s been soaring through the night skies on nothing but power from the sun; it’s the lean, sexy new aircraft solar airplaneknown as the Solar Impulse. This privately designed glider is not necessarily fast (top speed is 45 MPH), exceedingly comfortable (the cockpit barely fits one pilot), or even nimble; the buzz comes more from the numerous innovations that make such a craft possible.

“After a conquest of the planet, the 21st Century should be about improving the quality of life,” said Bertrand Piccard, which is one of two pilots who pilot the Solar Impulse. “<The Solar Impulse> is something spectacular in order to capture the attention of the people. If you make a solar bicycle to drive, nobody would care. If you make a solar plane, everybody cares. Everybody wants to see it.’”

The Solar Impulse boasts revolutionary solar-powered batteries for near-continuous flight, ultra-light materials to increase efficiency, and a number of other innovations. For example, parts of the wings are three times lighter than paper…and that’s with over 1,100 solar cells adorned from axis to axis. This revolutionary aircraft is currently on a world tour outside of the United States but it’s expected to be back in 2015.

Well, that’s all we have for you in This Week in Technology for July 15th, 2013. Be sure to check back with us next week to see where the world of tech will bring us.