Most of us are rarely without our smartphones in hand and the time has come where we are beginning to see technology incorporated into our everyday style. Typically in the form of watches, e-wristbands, jewelry or glasses, wearable electronics are powering new business ideas with large names like Apple, Nike, Accenture and many others.

Wearable technology is a new and compelling area that has the ability to monitor our health, increase productivity and move entertainment to the next level. The potential is huge so here is a breakdown of what to expect in this first wave of tech savvy style…

Voice Control & Contextual Updates Flights

Aiming to change the way we interact with these wearable devices, new platforms for voice controls and contextual updates will make simple tasks like directions and weather reports a breeze. The idea behind wearable tech is the way we experience contextual information, putting information front and center (on your wrist) consequently making it feel like a natural extension of our body.

Android Wear recently introduced Google Now, similar to Apple’s Siri, Google Now uses search data from your Google account to compile small tidbits of information about you that conveniently appear on your watch throughout the day. The wow factor is that the information shows up before you even think to ask. For instance, how many steps have you walked that day or the amount of traffic on your commute to work that morning.

CommuteLocation Perks

Location plays a major role for context cues when using wearable tech. For example, unlocking your phone automatically when it detects the watch or accessory is near your smart device. Or displaying your boarding pass once you get close to the airport. Your favorite restaurant is offering specials and you happen to be walking by, why not notify you with a coupon?


Wearable devices want you to be fit. There is an increased focus on fitness within these devices, which are designed to help monitor health and wellness. Aiming to reach a certain goal? Your watch will remind of your daily activity and provide fitness summaries to keep you motivated.

Will It Catch On?

The two main benefits that wearable technology provides are real time notifications and simple voice control functionality. That’s really it, though keep in mind that this is just the beginning. It makes it easier to keep up with important information and is unique to your with geo-targeted functionality. The wearable technology industry is evolving but has yet to be adopted on a large scale because they haven’t established a compelling use for technology that’s also stylish and simple to operate.

So that leaves the question… would you rock a wearable piece?