Let’s face it; in the world of online sales and service, authority is the predominant factor that makes or breaks any business. Potential customers will always choose what they believe is the most reputable website because online engagement ultimately comes down to trust. Google has generously rewarded those in cyberspace who have deemed themselves trustworthy so your ultimate goal, regardless of your business venture, should be to become a website authority within your industry. Below are four different methods to help you begin that journey-

Become a Breaking News Media Outlet

breaking news graphicA great option for many industries is to establish consumer confidence by delivering relevant news and industry insights that can naturally rank in search engine news feeds. While this may sound like a large undertaking, it is also one of the easiest ways to introduce targeted customers to your brand without actually going out to find them. The multiple streams of potential traffic benefits domain owners both short and long term as well.

So how do you become a news outlet for your industry? If you’re searching for additional B2B exposure, just grab a few writers and start covering conferences, major business developments and growing trends within the industry. If your target is more the end consumer, then industry insights and advice columns are probably the way to go. In either case, build up some content on your site and then submit to directories like Google News for a big boost in traffic.

Provide In-Depth Product/Service Reviews

consumer reportsIf breaking news really isn’t your thing, then maybe your best path toward website authority would come through product reviews, video tutorials and infographics. Consumers are constantly searching for advice and walkthroughs so if you fall into one of these product industries, then you may as well take advantage of one of the most popular searches on the Internet. In fact, some websites even post product reviews on their main competitors just to redirect some of their natural traffic when a consumer is ready to buy.

Another thing that’s great about product reviews is the freedom that it grants domain owners in terms of managing content; your most frequent updates come shortly before a new product launch to keep the hype pinned at an absolute maximum.

Master the Social Media Scene

social media facebookAnother growing trend that experts are using to establish website authority is by bombarding their social media accounts with massive amounts of enjoyable content. While some of their posts will fall into the categories of news and reviews, the vast majority of what’s shared is nothing more than humorous, fun-loving content that encourages users to get involved. Anything from games to useless trivia to contests and jokes will keep users engaged.

What’s the quickest way to get your website visitors flooding to your social media pages? That’s the million dollar question and it varies drastically by industry. A good rule of thumbs is that as long as the content is meant to entertain and not sell, you’re off in the right direction.

Flat-Out Purchase Your Authority

ppc trafficWhile this is not the way for all businesses, there are hundreds of thousands of domains out there that establish authority solely through pay-per-click advertising. Instead of investing heavily in one of the previously mentioned tactics, domain owners simply build a professional looking site and buy their traffic through Google, Facebook, and wherever else they can insert a sponsored ad. By paying for their visitors, almost all other costs can be eliminated and each click (in theory) is a motivated customer that’s ready to buy.

At the same time, however, relying solely on PPC advertising is a difficult approach to building authority because your traffic has no incentive to return. Even if they make a purchase and end up being thrilled with the product, chances are about 50/50 that by the time they’re ready for a repeat purchase, they’re just going to hit the search engines all over again and buy from whoever has the most clever two line ad.

That’s not to say that pay per click advertising isn’t the perfect solution for some businesses (like eCommerce sites and affiliate advertisers); we simply recommend that it’s not the only wrench inside your toolbox. For instant exposure and quick sales, very few methods can establish authority faster.