Veebow: Celebrating A Mobile Success

Amadeus Consulting has a long history of mobile app development. Actually, we’ve been developing mobile apps long before smartphones, and launched our first client mobile app in 1997 using the first version of Windows CE. Times certainly have changed and we have had worked with companies of all shapes and sizes since then.

So we are excited to talk about one of our most recent smartphone apps that we helped develop: Veebow. This app is the brainchild of Tom Vitale and Edward Loew who wanted to connect buyers with savvy companies through local, regional and national special deals using a free application on smart phones and mobile devices. Tom was inspired by his wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, who has become the face of the app.

A life-long coupon-clipper, Valerie Bertinelli desired to offer something for consumers that is free – like a coupon should be, and thus Veebow was born. Veebow believes that coupons should not be something that consumers have to pay for, and provides a solution to other group-buying sites that require both consumers and the merchants to pay up front for deals. Veebow (Vitale’s nickname for Bertinelli) was designed to provide an exceptional experience for consumers and merchants alike.

As the developer of the Veebow app, Amadeus Consulting is proud to have assisted the Veebow team in fulfilling their vision and creating a working product that met strict expectations. In addition to creating a complex app, we also developed it for a simultaneous Android and iPhone launch, and built the website,  in less than two months.

This included working with Veebow’s creative designers and building an administrative back end to give the Veebow team the ability to add, update and modify deals. This used Amadeus Consulting’s extensive software development experience in .NET and PHP development.

Amadeus Consulting is excited to see the success that Veebow has already achieved including multiple noteworthy mentions:

The app can be downloaded through the Android and Apple app stores, as explained on the Veebow website. The site also details many of the features of the app, and deals and coupons that can be accessed through the app.

Veebow is also a good example turning a good idea into a successful product. Amadeus Consulting has a long history of providing development support to startup companies and working with entrepreneurs at all levels.  As with any of our clients, we are very happy for our opportunity to work with them, and are excited about their success.

Veebow Couponing app developed by Amadeus Consulting

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