Every other Friday we have a creative “show-and-tell” where some members of our team gather and present creative trends that are prevalent in today’s market. It is a great session to learn more about what is going in the design world and therefore a valuable learning tool for our loyal readers.

Flat Web Design

We have talked a bit about this trend in the past, especially as it pertains to mobile user experience design. We began our session last week with a few examples of this trend and talked about the benefits of flat web design.  One thing we really like about flat design is the fact that it is scalable and this is an important benefit for responsive design. We get a lot of clients asking for responsive design so they can have the same site no matter the size screen the user is viewing the site. Another interesting benefit pointed out in the article we read was that flat web design is honest, which means it is accepting the two-dimensional nature of a website.

My favorite example from the session is the below video. While to content of the video is mildly depressing, it is artfully designed. 

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.


What Emotion Are Your Colors Evoking?

Color-Wheel-by-HomeWorkshopNext, we reviewed an article that discusses color theory in web design. While the article was a few years old, color theory is something that doesn’t necessarily change drastically every six months. The color red still evokes passion, excitement, and sometimes anger. The color white still reflects cleanliness, innocence or purity and sometimes comes off as cold and aloof. As such – it is still very important to make wise choices in picking color for your web design. You don’t want to pick a color that will inadvertently turn off your audience.

Vertical Scrolling and One Page Sites

frackingAnother interesting trend circulating the web – especially among design or marketing agencies – is the one page site that infinitely scrolls. Basically – there is no navigation. There are some benefits to this – it makes pagination a non-issue for starters. And it means that the results just continually load as the user scrolls so the performance in general is much quicker. Check out the site about the Dangers of Fracking. It is a great example of this vertical or infinite scrolling trend. Plus – it’s well laid-out and is informative without being overwhelming.

Just for Fun

We also like to show fun websites that have a quality user experience or just deal with UX in some way, shape or form. One of our attendees presented this amazing video made by a guy that builds beautiful furniture. The story is the making of a chair, from beginning to the finished product. There is no dialogue and the only sound the viewer hears is the tools used to make the chair. The video is done using stop motion animation so the physical objects appear to move on their own.

The other fun site we viewed was Paper.js. Basically – an open source vector graphics scripting framework that allows you play with the javascript and see your changes right in the screen.

Come back in a couple weeks to see what our team comes up with next!