If you the type that thinks reality television is only for housewives and teenagers, then you’re probably about 97% correct.  There are certainly a few exceptions in the business world, however, and recent years have brought the corporate boardroom straight into prime time for everyone to see.  Shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Undercover Boss have paved the way for some truly exceptional broadcasting that teaches us all a lot about how the business world operates and excels.  Below, we have summarized three such instances for your reading pleasure and tied in short videos about what make’s each of them worth watching.

Shark Tank Educates Entrepreneurs

shark tank


The television series Shark Tank is a must-watch program for the corporate business world and anyone who has ever dreamed of taking a product to market.  On this hit show, a wide range of inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their businesses ideas to a panel of five wealthy, self-made investors (called sharks) from radically different walks of life.  The sharks are willing to invest their own money if a product or idea appears to have enough potential, but only if the entrepreneur has a strong business sense and a fair evaluation.



Of course, the sharks are there to make money and they will often compete if the presentation appears lucrative enough.  Most of the time, however, the terms of doing business will heavily favor the investors since they tend to have most of the leverage.  One of the most entertaining parts of the show may when entrepreneurs come into the Shark Tank unprepared and have their dreams decimated; there are a lot of lessons to be learned here.  In any case, it is an excellent television show to get a bird’s-eye look at the world of small business and securing startup capital.


The Profit Teaches Leadership



The Profit is CNBC’s answer to the Shark Tank where absolutely nothing is left to the imagination.  On this series, self-made billionaire Marcus Lemonis offers to invest his own fortune in failing businesses with one catch; he personally takes over the company and makes all of the hard decisions to turn it around.  For a piece of the profit, Lemonis proves time and time again how ruthless the corporate world is in a spectacular behind-the-scenes fashion.




While the first season of The Profit is officially over, all of the episodes can be watched through the above link.  Additionally, if your business needs a cash infusion and an expert to turn it around in a hurry, The Profit is now accepting applications for season two.


The Pitch Reveals Marketing Gold

the pitch


The Pitch is a bit different from the other shows already mentioned because it focuses solely on advertising.  Each episode, two rival marketing firms will put their talent head-to-head while pitching a major client for the right to their business.  More importantly, each team walks the viewer through their creative process to explain how their campaign will work, what it hopes to achieve, and what aspects of the client’s image need the most attention.


Since there is ample creativity that goes into each company’s pitch, this series gives an excellent overview of the marketing world and options available to the average entrepreneur.  While it may not be as thoroughly entertaining as watching Mr. Wonderful make an inventor fight back tears on Shark Tank, it is still must-see television for the corporate world nonetheless.