If you’re on the market for a solid graphic designer to assist your business in creating a stronger public image, then it’s probably a good thing that you’ve stumbled across our website today.  The staff at Amadeus Consulting prides ourselves on offering a unique perspective of the IT industry and finding a great graphic artist is certainly no exception.  Since it is one of the more challenging positions to interview for, we have compiled a quick list of what we feel makes an excellent graphic designer and which traits are the most telling.  While these qualities are certainly not the only thing that employers should look for, they will definitely help you narrow down the field with qualified candidates.

A Sharp Eye for Detail

Eye for DetailWhile the average person can envision an art concept and maybe even lay the groundwork for a complex project, it takes a true savant to make it shine on paper.  A great artist simply sees things in a different perspective from those around him and he knows how to transform a good art project into a modern masterpiece.  Along those same lines, the right artist for your company will also have no trouble identifying the small, minute details that most of us would overlook.

Having a sharp eye for detail may sound like a common trait among artists but it’s actually rarer than you might think.  To prove this concept, Google “Microsoft Logo” under the “images” tab (or click on the enclosed link).  There are literally thousands of artist versions of the same image, yet only a handful of them really grab your attention.

An Understanding of Marketing

In your initial interviews with potential graphic designers, feel free to give a general idea of the upcoming projects that need to be completed but be sure to ask, “What can we do to make this better?”  A good graphic designer will be able to create virtually anything that comes to mind, but a great one will always be thinking of ways to take your concepts to the next level.  In most cases, they will be speaking from past experiences on what worked for previous employers and, more importantly, what types of campaigns failed miserably.

Now, that doesn’t mean that a graphic designer has to be a marketing guru, but they should have a solid understanding on how to balance your vision of a project and what will be a big hit with consumers.

Fabulous Communication Skills


Likewise, there will not always be ample time to explain every minute aspect of your ideas, which is why fantastic communication skills are so critically important for a great graphic designer.  Not only will they have a better understanding of your company’s visions, but it will also allow them to work more effectively with your marketing team and provide better customer service when they deal directly with your clients.  Far too many employers learn this lesson the hard way by assuming that the best overall artist is the best person for the job; but if an artist does not have great communication skills, things like missing deadlines and frustrating other staff members will be much more common.

The last thing any employer wants to do is to assign a project and then have to wonder if it will be completed at par with company standards, so make sure your next graphic artist is a great communicator.

A Solid Work Ethic

work ethicFinally, the trait that really separates the decent graphic artists from the fantastic ones is work ethic.  At the end of the day, artists do not submit fabulous work because they’re paid well or because they want to impress their peers; they put their heart and soul into a project because they love what they do for a living.  Besides, when your company is in crunch time with deadlines looming, you want an artist that volunteers to put in the extra hours.

There is absolutely no substitute for a great work ethic in business; either someone has it or they do not.  Trust us; if a graphic artist appears laid back and/or unmotivated in their first interview, then you company should just keep on looking for that right candidate.