This Week in Marketing Technology – March 15, 2010: SEO & SEM

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, there were some announcements this week related to search engine marketing (SEM). Among these was the announcement that Google’s new “Caffeine” search infrastructure is being implemented as we speak. This will include crawling, indexing and ranking changes and is slowly being rolled out at datacenters around the US. Custom software developers were given the opportunity to test the new search infrastructure late last year, and most users likely won’t notice a difference in search result rankings. However for SEO and SEM professionals, every position counts, and it will be interesting to see how Google incorporated feedback it has received and how the new system will affect individual results and rankings.

Google also announced an extension of its Local Search options. Google added a “Nearby” tool to the Search Options panel which lets you search a specific location.
The Nearby tool is redundant if you are already logged in to Google and have previously set your location; however the new tool lets you conduct “local searches” without being in a specific location or defining the location in the search results, which sometimes changes the results.

For example, searching for “Boulder Software Company” will return fairly different results than if you search for “Software Company” with “Boulder, CO” selected as the custom location.

Even though this will probably not have a drastic effect on search rankings for most users, it does provide an accurate way to see how your rankings change in the Local Search for different locations.

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