An inspiring office space is crucial to motivating and engaging staff. With a good office design you can improve creativity and productivity. Do you still have physical office space and appreciate the reasons Google has cool things in their office but have a much, much smaller budget? Then here are some ideas that are intended to foster a cultural of collaboration, creativity, and employee wellness.

Office-cubiclesRoom/desk assignments by project

Open spaces can make people feel more comfortable and not so “boxed-in,” which can create greater productivity and efficiency. We threw out office cubes back in the 90’s, and most of the highly coveted rooms with windows are not used for small offices but were transformed into large team rooms (6-8 people). This not only shares the great views of Boulder but brings the natural light into our space for more people to enjoy.  Add to that our interior glass windows that bring the light further in the office space and are used as substitutes for whiteboards for ideas and fun.

Phone booths

Because our teams are in shared offices, providing a space where professional (and personal) calls can be made is helpful. They are simply what the name implies, small rooms with phones and docking stations to use when a conference room is not available or someone prefers not to use one.

foosballGame room

Everyone needs a break from time to time. Being on-task all the time is impossible. More organizations are actually looking for ways of loosening the reins on their employees and restoring the responsibility for time management. Providing games like foosball, console games, and classic arcade games is a great way to recognize the need and value of short breaks while promoting social interaction between teams. Stop worrying about it being abused and encourage it to be used. There is a lot of data to support the belief that better problem solving and creativity happens when the brain is allowed to take a break. Also, we think that some friendly competition is healthy.

Zen room

Sometimes people just need to take a break. No phone, no desks. Just chairs, windows, and a great view. It’s important to provide quiet zones that allow employees to take a pause from normal office activity but are not overly disruptive to the work day. Sometimes used for person to person conversations without any technology distractions. Having this is especially helpful for people who need quiet space to just breathe.

Our surroundings influence our daily lives more than we realize. Given the amount of time we spend at the office, design has become a vital part of a business. Whether you have a small space or a small budget you can still foster collaboration and innovation.

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