Keeping with our whole Halloween Horror theme this week, it seemed only natural to turn towards a topic that’s constantly in the back of all our minds- what technology scares us the most?  After all, with constant cyber-attacks on major corporations, next-generation viruses running rampant and practically our entire country being controlled by computers, it is a serious question to consider.  A recent poll took a look at that very question and we have the results for you below.

Hacked Email Accounts


It turns out that our worst tech fear in the 21st century is exactly the same as it was a decade ago; how to protect our email accounts.  Over 22 percent of all Americans surveyed state that a hacker targeting their email account is a growing concern since so much sensitive information is shared through this medium.  Businesses take this type of threat even more seriously with over 30 percent stating that they are constantly researching ways to heighten their email security.

The only other technology scare that came even close on this list was the fear permanently losing contacts through email or mobile devices.  Forgetting passwords was another huge concern in this category with 15% of the total respondents mentioning it as a serious issue.

Leaked Banking Information


When it comes to banking information, over 58% of those who participated mentioned encryption and personal protection as a serious worry.  Unlike usernames and passwords, routing and bank account numbers do not change so even one unsafe browsing instance could cause problems years down the line.  The biggest tech scare in this category came from not being able to know if banking information has been compromised, and there’s little to do in terms of retroactive safety.

Other online identity theft issues were directed at social media accounts, text messages, search browser histories and cloud storage sites.  Businesses had the exact same concerns with online drop boxes topping the charts, followed by corporate databases and company passwords.

Inferior Mobile Security

mobile security

Since most individuals now rely on one or more digital devices daily, mobile security was the largest overall tech worry since it’s a gateway to all the other categories mentioned.  We’re not just talking anti-viruses either, because over 70% of the respondents showed pure agony at the thought of their smartphone being stolen or damaged beyond repair.  From data loss to leaked personal information, we are all dead-serious about keeping our mobile gadgets safe and sound.  Naturally, the same fears were also expressed about PC’s, laptops and tablets, just not to the same levels.

An interesting side question that was included in the survey asked participants to place a fair value on a complete backup of all their stored information (ranging from documents to videos to contacts and playlists).  The average person stated that they would pay $128 on the spot to recover any information that was lost on a cell phone or tablet, which makes little sense with so many great (and free) backup sites that are available.  Thankfully, this is one tech fear that we can all cross off our lists.