Believe it or not, women hold only 14 percent of executive officer positions, the Catalyst Census reports and women represent less than 10 percent of venture capitalists, leaving the tech industry at twice the rate of men, according to the Kauffman Foundation. As a woman in the tech field, we are aware that the numbers are even more dismal. I am lucky though, I work at a company where a female is at the helm, and she cares a great deal about this kind of thing.

women-in-technology-face-uphill-battle-pop_8545Despite the ongoing issue of “gender problems” in the tech industry, our CEO Lisa Calkins defies the divided discourse. Unlike other female technology leaders who struggle with figuring out how to “prove” their worth to colleagues and other male executives, Lisa believes women should move past the “prove ourselves” stage and start focusing on what really matters in a tech leadership role: cultivating a competent staff that values results-oriented business solutions with the help of technology.

Not only does she oversee all project operations and financial growth of the company, but Lisa is not afraid to tap into the unique skills women have to help Amadeus Consulting continue to serve as a leading technology solutions provider in Boulder. She employs a value-added philosophy in her leadership role that helps her to continuously learn from other like-minded, inspiration female leaders and colleagues. This stems from her early career being mentored at her first technology consulting job at Anderson Consulting where her mentor supported her professional growth, which still influences her daily actions today.

Lisa has not let the gendered discourse within the tech industry impact her ability to collaborate with colleagues and make executive decisions about what is best for the company. As a woman working here we get the opportunity to learn from Lisa who offers her leadership advice, hosting monthly inter-office luncheons with female employees struggling with professional tasks, goals, and projects. Lisa believes cultivating strong relationships with her team of technology experts, especially women, is a key component to strengthening the teamwork atmosphere at Amadeus Consulting. She believes mentorship and leadership go hand-in-hand and those skills transcend the IT industry.

Instead of focusing on the fact that there are not a lot of women in leadership roles in the field, Lisa chooses to emphasize the skills that distinguish her as a female and mentoring her fellow women colleagues allows her to constantly improve and hone the skills that are not as natural to her personality. She constantly improves herself as a mentor so she can improve the professional and personal lives of those she works with.

Within the Boulder community, Lisa also serves as a mentor to small businessmen and women on the DaVinci Institute’s Council of Luminaries helping struggling business women turn brilliant ideas into workable plans that forge new business success. Lisa customizes her approach to offering leadership advice because she understands that implementing leadership in the workplace is not a “one size fits all” approach.