Logo for the Startup Village in SXSW 2013, Austin, Texas.If you want original music, independent films and learning about all the new technology in one place, then you should not miss the popular conferences and festivals hosted by South by Southwest, or better known as SXSW, that will take place from March 8 to 17, 2013!

There are many different events taking place in different days and locations, but my favorite event out of all that SXSW has to offer is Startup Village, which is one of the best ways to physically see the innovation happening as new ideas, strategies and technology happen right in front of you. If you are going to the SXSW with an Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge, you should go check it out!

SXSW Startup Village will take place on March 8 to 12 at the fourth floor of the Austin Downtown Hilton, 500 East 4th Street.

What Happens at the Startup Village?

The goal of Startup Village is to bring media representatives, entrepreneurs, investors together, along with brand new companies that promise exciting and new experiences or products.

Besides the networking and startup spotlights, there will be many panels with varying topics in the field of technology businesses and startup practices. You could see all the events scheduled in the Startup Village’s schedule.

Apparently, SXSW is doing an effort to bring businesses to Austin, Texas because there are various panels geared toward educating the audience about the opportunities of moving or starting a business in the city:

There are other panels that help new companies or prospective companies on how to gather funding in today’s world:

There are many others for a variety of topics, so again I encourage you to check out the schedule!

Full List of Startups


A Knowledge sharing tool for the modern workforce. Bloomfire helps you capture, display, save, and share information, connecting people who have the knowledge with those who need it.


Citybot is a mobile app that creates personalized itineraries for visitors both new and familiar to a city.



Bringing true relationships together in a fun new way.



Build, run and manage your Java apps in the cloud with the CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS).



Taking the BS out of getting a custom site and managing it. We’re going to make businesses better and save them time and money. We’re not stopping until we’re everything to everyone. $20 a month. Websites for the rest of us.


A new approach to serendipitous discovery for collaboration. Collaborizm offers intelligent matchmaking for projects and collaborators, simplified project management and communication tools and a diverse community based on shared values.

Crowd Act

Crowd Act Inc is a Calgary, Canada based start-up and launching the beta version of crowdact.com, a subject-based social media and network in SXSW.



eevzdrop is a fun, new way to share your day-to-day life experiences with the rest of the world through audio recordings.



Glocal provides stories to the world’s communities from the people who represent them.



Guide turns your favorite online news and social streams into video. Guide’s TV news style format allows you to watch your favorite content instead of having to read it.


A mobile app that allows you to share the things you Hate. Hate on celebrities, politicians, bad service, too much traffic, and annoying Facebook “friends.” Simply, your random daily Hate.


“Crowdsourced Hiring” Jobhuk helps leverage the human network to Hire and Get hired via Referrals. Pays referrer on successful hires.


Light of Creativity

Light of Creativity is a startup company that presents LIGHT, a Web System that helps record, organize and share your life

Not it Labs

Not iT is a smartphone app that helps groups of people who live, work or play together to delegate real-world tasks from a gamified hub.


Speeker is a mobile social network where people can openly share pictures, news, and opinions based on proximity.

Social ID

Social I.D. presents ASKIE, your personal mobile “Ask the Audience”. Askie is an app that is all about advice, whether you’re giving it or getting it.


Talentwire powers talent acquisition for the #open era. Leverage your team’s expertise and culture to attract and engage a higher level of better matched candidates.


Transporter is an online, but off-cloud social storage solution for privately sharing, accessing and protecting all of your valuable files.


Userify is a mobile and agent-based platform for secure public cloud User Management and supports both SSH and API role-based authorization and authentication.

Extra Space

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Startup Village by SXSW brings us new businesses with new and sweet ideas and products for consumers.

Active Startups at SXSW that Already Launched

You know what’s even better? Some of these startups already have released their products or services so what I am going to do is to list these that already launched so you can check them out even before SXSW starts! I will list them here with quick information regarding their availability.

Bloomfire – Costs money (not less than $200) but you get a 14 days trial.

CityBot – Free iPhone and Android apps available in San Diego, Austin and San Francisco. New Orleans is next.

CloudBees – Free plan with various paid plans.

Crowd Act – Available. Just go ahead and sign up!

Glocal – Available. Just go ahead and sign up!

Jobhuk – Available. Just go ahead and sign up!

Light of Creativity – Available. Just sign up but beware… The fields look the same as the button, so it gets a little confusing.

Speeker – Free Android and iPhone apps available.

Social ID – The name is misleading, the spotlight their new app called “Askie”. Free downloads on Apple store and on Android store.

Talentwire – I don’t know if available. They want me to like them on Facebook and tweet them for priority access. No, thank you.

Transporter – A physical product! They have it for sale at places like Amazon, Newegg and such. It has a $299.99 price tag.