What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the positioning and promotion of products and brands across technological platforms like online advertising, search optimization, community management, and social media.

Digital marketing platforms are different from traditional marketing platforms in that they provide more insight into customer/user behavior through metrics and data analytics. And arguably more important, digital marketing provides a two-way conversation between brands and customers. This communication can covert occasional customers into loyal customers and eventually loyal customers into brand advocates.

We are all spending more time online and interacting with apps; marketing to consumers via digital platforms is more efficient, effective, and measurable than traditional marketing platforms. Aligning your brand’s presence online to overall marketing strategies and campaigns is essential.

Why is it not ‘strategic’?

The recent shift to inbound marketing reflects the shift from offline marketing platforms to online marketing platforms. As digital marketing has grown up, it has gone from being an afterthought to an essential piece of the marketing mix. However, this growth has not always included a strategic incorporation of digital marketing platforms into marketing campaigns. This can cause a disconnect between messaging across platforms.

How do you make it strategic?

When developing a marketing strategy, one of the most critical steps is to develop specific goals which will be accomplished through the marketing mix. These goals needs to be aligned with overall business goals. As a marketing strategy grows to include digital marketing platforms, the marketing goals must shift to incorporate these platforms. Instead of a goal to increase sales of indoor paint at a home improvement store during a holiday weekend, the goal can be fine-tuned to increase sales of the paint to women with specific interests in home improvement and do-it-yourself project into the store. Data from digital marketing platforms provides data on customer interests and product use, this data can help remove the guess work from consumer targeting.

What are the results?

By incorporating digital marketing platforms into your overall marketing strategy, a brand can have:

  • Better understanding of your online marketing share
  • Better understanding of your customers’ online behaviors & needs
  • Integrated campaigns across the marketing mix
  • Less overlapping efforts and more intentional use of digital resources