So your company is business-to-business (B2B), does social media marketing even matter? The answer is simple: YES! You just have to be smart about it. Here are some strategies that will help you come up with a social media plan of attack.

objectiveWhat’s the Objective?

The first thing you need to figure out is what is the reason behind going forward with social media marketing? Is it building the company’s brand? Is it lead generation?

Social media is ideally suited for impression­-based strategies. That means your goal is to have your brand seen by the businesses that you will eventually be approaching for sales. Social media users are much more likely to purchase a product or service if they have some pre-existing awareness of it. This means they’ve seen the brand pop up on their news feeds, in ads, and so on. It’s even better if you can attract positive attention from users by sharing helpful information and contributing to conversations. After all, a compliment from someone outside of your company will have much more of an effect on potential business than you just tooting your own horn.

kingContent is King

It is of the utmost importance that you come up with a content curation plan. You can’t just be posting things all willy-nilly and think you’ll will get the response that you want. You need to make sure that your company has a certain voice. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when coming up with a content strategy:

  • How do we want to be perceived?
  • Who do we want to engage?
  • What are important issues to our audience?

Once you answer these questions, you will know how you need to apprfocusoach social media.


There are so many different social media platforms out there with different types of users and different types of content. It is pretty much impossible to create awesome content that will reach across all of the different social media channels. It’s best for B2B companies to focus on at between 2 and 3 platforms to focus on.

execsGet the Execs Involved

You NEED to get your company’s executive team onboard with social media. Because it can be hard to measure ROI on social media when it comes to lead generation, many executives are hesitant to jump on the social media bandwagon. In order to get them to participate you will probably need to show them clear data about how social media is now the best way to connect with consumers and you need to encourage them to take an active role in social media campaigns.

The important thing to remember is that this marketing strategy takes a bit of time and continuous effort, but you have to crawl before you can walk, and aggressively positioning your B2B marketing for exposure on social media is the first step of the process.