Take a look at the landing page for Google Glass. Do you see the recognizable 4-color logo that Google employs on its products?


Yeah, that’s the news.

In fact, I thought Google’s logo was colorfully minimalistic, but, apparently with Google Glass, they are going for ultra-minimalistic style. Seems like Google will always find ways to further increase the minimalist style of their products.

What Makes the Glass logo and Site Layout Minimalistic?

LogoGoogle Glass will not carry the typical Google branding, it will have a new one.

Straightforward and narrow font with soft grey so it doesn’t jump out of the white background. The A in Glass is stylized simply by tilting the letter to the right and removing the horizontal line.

The logo succeeds where it needs to, because the logo is so simple but original enough that it’s easy to memorize and will be recognizable right away.


Besides the logo, just 3 links. In the middle.

  • How It Feels?
  • What It Does?
  • How to Get One?

At first I thought it was pretty nice but boring and not really Google’s style to leave it bland. I decided to click on one of the three links and guess what? The magic is behind each of these links! Go ahead, give it a try.

How It Feels?

My browser suddenly displayed a full screen Youtube video auto-playing. I closed it and I am back on the homepage… This is a rather original execution, especially when we tend to avoid the auto-play feature, since it bothers visitors usually. It is almost employed perfectly, with only a couple criticisms:

  1. It does not display subtitles, nor give us the option to enable subtitles.
  2. Auto-start still might be a good option, since it was a surprise when I saw the video and I am glad I had the laptop muted since I was at work.

I also had to check the page with an Android phone, to see how the video performed. Instead of an auto-playing full-screen video, we are led to a page with Youtube embedded waiting to be played. They took the mobile users in consideration. No subtitles, though.

What It Does?

A column of different self-taken pictures with messages for each. Rather similar to their video, where they outline from a feature to next while the actor is acting on them with first-person perspective.

Again, it is well executed and also efficiently responsive, just try resizing your browser window and see how the pictures react. No matter what device you are using, you will be able to fully see what is on the browser.

How To Get One?

Too late. Applications for Glass Explorers are closed at this point, but you may subscribe for more information.

This page is the busiest page, with a big header showing a laughing woman wearing the Google Glass and wearing clothes that match the color tone of the background, at least one paragraph of text, and a sign up form with blue button, which grabs so much attention since it is the only colorful element of the page!

Yes, it is still minimalistic, and very well executed!

Privacy Policy

The almost invisible privacy policy link at bottom will actually dump you back into the original Google design with red, white, blue, yellow and green.

Is New Brand A Mistake?

Sure, I’ve said a lot of good things about the new brand and site. However, I have still not written about the actual meaning of the brand, which may do more harm than good.

Basically, Google is trying to take over another common word: Glass.

Can you imagine coming into the house and someone say “Give me the glass.” Will you give him the glass holding water that is on the table, or the Google Glass?

Yeah, I think you understand me now.

With this in mind, what will actually become Google Glass’ brand? The true brand of an company, regardless its legal name, is how the users perceive it and decide to refer it as. Would people stick with “Google Glass” by calling it “Google glasses” like you would specify one of your hundreds of sunglasses “Give me the Armani glasses”? Or, maybe it would be “Glass,” leading them to call the glass of water a cup or something else?

Or maybe we will be resilient and adapt to the new meaning to the “glass” and decide its meaning by context, which will lead us to suffer through at least one or two confusions. After all, glass has several meanings.

My bet is that we will end up referring it as Google Glasses, or a variation of such.