Last week, I introduced a new blog series topic on our guiding principles. I realize that it may be somewhat uninteresting to some, but because we have created some really interesting projects as a result of our commitment to our credo and essence, I wanted to share examples of some awesome clients that we worked with because of one guiding principle or another (sometimes more than one!).

Our first Guiding Principle is “Everything is Possible.” This is probably one of my favorites, because it is the one so many clients are thankful for. We often get clients coming in with a great idea that most other companies, sometimes all, have told them was impossible. They weren’t even willing to look into the possibility of the project’s feasibility. This is exactly why we have an innovation team with the smartest guys in the industry; they thrive on the challenge to find ways of solving the really complex business and technology problems.

I think a great way to illustrate the importance of our principles is by talking about some of the cool clients we helped out because everything at Amadeus Consulting is possible. Also I really like highlighting our awesome clients and their innovative ideas.

Parallax Enterprises, LLC

Parallax 2Every now and then an opportunity comes along where you can impact an industry and change a game. Our work with Parallax Enterprises, LLC has the potential to revolutionize patient safety and make lasting positive change to the medical industry. From a technical standpoint, this project will give the Amadeus Consulting team the opportunity to push themselves to the limits of what is technologically possible.

On February 7, 2013 Amadeus Consulting and Parallax began development on an operating room safety system called Consolidated Healthcare and Resource Management™ (CHaRM), modeled after an airplane safety checklist. Amadeus Consulting will build the CHaRM™ system across a HIPAA-compliant cloud system, an operating room hardware suite and an Enterprise software suite. Modeled after aviation technology, the system is designed to increase patient safety and decrease medical mistakes in the operating room. The system hasn’t even been released yet, and there has already been considerable buzz in the news about it, so we are definitely excited about the implications of this system.

Hematech Corporation


Hematech came to Amadeus Consulting for assistance with its Animal Information Management System (AIMS). The AIMS system tracks the lifecycle of a genetically engineered cow. (Yes, cow cloning). Hematech’s project was in desperate need of a rescue, and came to us mid-development. Hematech needed us to revise the existing software application, fix problems associated with the development at the original developer and upgrade the reporting applications. After a thorough review of the application, we concluded that a full rewrite of the reporting software and a revamp of the rest of the application would be necessary in order to exceed Hematech’s expectations.

Hematech was grateful that we took on the project and finished in a timely manner, not only meeting their expectations but totally exceeding them!

The Denver Developmental Materials


The Denver Developmental Materials were originally developed in the 1960′s to encourage the early identification of children with developmental problems by those in close contact with them. Denver Developmental Materials approached Amadeus Consulting to tackle what they were previously told could not be done: take the DENVER II Test Form online.

Amadeus Consulting prides itself on doing the hard stuff – even stuff most other software consulting firms wouldn’t touch. We found the solution to DDM’s unique problem was Microsoft Silverlight (and at the time this was cutting edge stuff) and were able to create the test online while keeping the exact same look and feel, an extremely important factor to Denver Developmental Material’s branding scheme.


Stay tuned next week for the next installment in the series. Do you have a software project that some are telling you is impossible? Contact us today – we can help.