At Amadeus, passion for innovation and excellence has long been a hallmark of our ethos, both internally and with customers. We are always pursuing ways to push the boundaries of technology and to better serve our clients – to find ways to extend our “boutique style” software consultation to more people, teams, and organizations. We wanted to take our passionate, personalized approach to software development and step up to the next level. With that in mind, a year ago, we began to seek out a partner who would allow us to take the passion and innovation we’ve created here at Amadeus and leverage them across the world.

Today, we are very excited to announce the result of that search: Amadeus Consulting is merging with Exadel, a global software engineering firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As we scoured the tech world for a potential partner, our high-level criteria were relatively simple. We wanted a partner who had the technical chops; a partner who was known for delivering high quality services to a wide range of customers; and, most importantly, a partner who shared a passion for technology innovation that truly differentiated and led to newer, more prosperous possibilities. We found those traits in Exadel and its CEO, Fima Katz.

Both Fima and I have the same passion: put us in a room, give us a problem to solve, and watch the energy level spike. As I had gotten to know Fima, even before we dove into the business side of things, I discovered that a belief innovation and personalization were two qualities that we shared. We both believed in the same fundamental building blocks needed to create a successful global company that could tackle the toughest challenges with a personal touch. I was also impressed by Fima’s well-received book, “Essential Guide to Object Monitors.” When it came out, it really dove in to a specific kind of application program that ended up being somewhat prescient in its importance. That’s dedication to a passion.

For the past 20 years, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering successful, boutique-style services to our clients. In fact, as we began the process of letting our clients know about this merger, these terms were repeatedly played back to us. Based on that feedback, we feel confident that we will be able to successfully deliver the same boutique-style services on a global scale as we move forward with Exadel.

Over the lifetime of the company, we’ve enjoyed steady growth, and we want to continue that growth. We just don’t want to take another 20 years to reach the levels upon which we’ve set our sights. Growth requires funding, and a company like Exadel provides us the ability to quickly scale the personalized solutions that we pride ourselves on developing. Both of our companies found synergy in our approaches: brains over bodies. We are not companies that just throw bodies at challenges. We value creative approaches to problem solving, and both Exadel’s and Amadeus’s teams are highly educated and ready to approach technology innovation from a proactive and creative perspective.

One question that I’m sure many will ask is if we are planning to stay in Boulder. The answer is yes. Boulder and the greater Denver area have vibrant tech communities filled with top level talent. We want to continue to support these communities, just as we’ve always done. And as Amadeus continues to grow, we look forward to adding new members to our internal community as well.

These are exciting times for Amadeus. Stay tuned as we start the next chapter in our collective companies’ histories. While the past has been bright, the future looks incandescent!