LinkedIn Proves your Personal Worth

linkedin rolodexWhile LinkedIn has always been considered the social media platform of business professionals, it is also a great way to highlight the expertise of your company and allow others to find you easily. Over the past few years, LinkedIn has made enormous changes to allow businesses to showcase their success stories while giving consumers a place to seek advice or to facilitate any problems. LinkedIn also does what no other social media site can; it takes a massive company structure and links it to successful individuals from within. In other words, it humanizes your corporate endeavors.

The real power of LinkedIn comes from the ability to reach out to decision makers in almost any industry. For those dealing in the B2B marketplace, this is a tremendous advantage since other companies can see your corporate resume and read actual testimonials of former projects. Additionally, businesses can create focus groups to prove new concepts, promote corporate sales or almost anything in-between.

Instagram Highlights your Passionsinstagram

Instagram is another great way to promote your business and its quickly becoming the go-to social media destination for the younger generations. Unlike Facebook and MySpace, actual ads are far and few between on this platform because users simply do not respond well to traditional advertising. Instagram is designed for busy people on the go who want to share a quick photograph of something that’s inspired them, so that’s exactly what your pictures should convey. With the PicFrame app, you can also use a series of photos to tell a quick story and that’s a big hit with consumers.

So where do the actual sales come from if you’re not encouraged to actually advertise? That’s the beauty of it; Instagram users like and tweet over 1,000 photographs per second. While it’s definitely a tougher crowd to break into at first, frequent customers will appreciate you smart, witty brand messages that reminds them why they love your products so much. With so much upside from such an easy task, it makes little sense not to embrace Instagram in 2013.

Google + Has No Boundaries

cool google imageGoogle is expanding so quickly that experts are expecting it to overtake Twitter as the #2 social media destination by 2014. That’s because the tech giant is literally trying to integrate everything imaginable into its search analytics and that includes detailed information about your local business. By claiming your company through Google, consumers will be able to easily find you on local searches, leave reviews about your business, and view all of your unique content as well. They’ll also see you on a map when they’re out and about on their cell phones, so this is a very powerful business tool that simply cannot be ignored in 2013.

Besides, with continuing innovations like Google Glass, their anticipated self-driving vehicle, Google TV and  Street View, this company’s social media applications are only in their infancy. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of the tech curve on the social sharing destination of the future.