I am deeply committed to my iPhone. So when my phone tells me it needs something, like an iOS update, I hit update and wait for it to finish. The wait time is excruciating – what if someone texts me when my phone is restarting?

iphone breakfastAs smartphone consumers, we rarely think about what implications an operating system update has on mobile developer. We just want to download apps, watch ridiculous YouTube videos, and kill time playing games.
I wanted to better understand the effort involved with a mobile operating system update. Amadeus Consulting has over 15 experts who specialize in mobile development, and I had the chance to speak with Team Lead, Josh Berkheimer, who has developed over 100 mobile apps for both Apple and Android since he started with the company 9 years ago.  Berkheimer shared some great insights into what an operating system update means for a developer, as well as how Amadeus ensures that clients are happy with their final product. For instance, an operating system update can be challenging because additional testing is required to ensure the app will meet all of the new requirements.

Fortunately, Amadeus developers are experienced with updates and have a fine-tuned process to ensure they meet their goal of total compliance with new standards. More importantly, Amadeus focuses on keeping an open line of communication with clients so they are aware of the additional efforts involved during the development of their mobile app. Amadeus has set the objective to be proactive during the development process to ensure clients receive a great product that everyone can be proud of.

iphoneAmadeus takes pride in creating amazing technology for clients, and in order to provide the best product, the focus is to stay ahead of the curve. This is why it is essential that the development team, from junior to senior, understands the process of creating innovative and exceptional mobile apps. To maintain these high standards, every junior developer who joins the Amadeus team is partnered with a senior developer for paired training. This allows for direct oversight on projects while allowing for a collaborative learning environment. So when Apple announces yet another iOS update, every mobile developer at Amadeus has the support and understanding to make sure every project is successfully completed.

If you have an idea for an app, give us a call and talk to someone on our Business Development team – we look forward to working with you!