It’s something that the average Joe might not think about. What makes a business run? What systems are in place that will allow a business to grow and thrive? Most likely, the answer lies in a business intelligence system. Applications and technologies help companies make targeted and appropriate decisions at a time when good business judgment can make or break an organization. The need to mine big data is always on the minds of CIOs, which is why a good business intelligence system, rather than an “on-spot solution,” is critical. Amadeus Consulting believes no business intelligence solution should go without the following essentials:

Senior management support – Without the support of CIO John Basso, Amadeus Consulting’s internal business intelligence system, the Nexus Cube would not have come to fruition. It was his goal to constantly improve the way Amadeus Consulting does business internally and externally that inspired him to envision a tool that does it all: project management , project status, employee productivity, budget, and customer retention data measurement.

Business need – Amadeus Consulting noticed a snag in the operational process for measuring and monitoring project developments. By taking a look at the bigger picture, Amadeus Consulting was able to understand that not all systems are perfect and realize there is always room for improvement. Without a business need for a business intelligence solution, investing the time and money in one could end up costing the company more money, rather than saving.

Amount of data –The amount of data available is also a strong indicator that a business intelligence solution may be the answer to streamlined operations. If a company is monitoring and measuring multiple aspects of a business operation using multiple systems or through a variety of different means, it may be time to consider consolidating efforts so one system is working in multiple ways for the business, instead of the other way around.

Vision – It is important to have an initial vision for how the business intelligence system should work and present data. What processes need to happen in order to get to the end result? What systems are currently available that can be integrated to maximize results? These are the kind of visionary-oriented questions any CIO must ask in order to support the development and implementation of the business intelligence solution.

In a world where managing information is key to any business, we can expect business intelligence solutions to grow as more companies seek technology solutions that empower sales people and improve company visibility and reputation. Business intelligence solutions set the stage for company transparency and have the potential to establish a strong sense of consumer trust in the company’s operations.  The Nexus Cube as a demonstration of how important it is for businesses to understand and resolve internal business challenges first so that they can better serve its clients and customers.