customer-satisfactionClient satisfaction should be a priority for all companies regardless of the industry or customer type. When companies interact directly with their customers, identifying client satisfaction metrics can be straightforward. Do your customers make multiple purchases? Do your customers include multiple items in a single purchase? Do your customers recommend your company to their colleagues, friends, or family? While a “yes” does not guarantee a happy client, it can be a good indicator of one.

Operating a business providing B2B services can make identifying client satisfaction metrics more complicated. However, this obstacle does not make client satisfaction less important. At Amadeus Consulting, we think and talk about client satisfaction every day because it is critical to the success of our client’s projects. When clients are satisfied, we know that our teams have translated their needs into software solutions that meet business goals.

We focus on the three Cs as outlined by McKinsey & Company:

  • Customer-journey Consistency: we strive to ensure customers have a consistently positive experience during every interaction with our business.
  • Emotional Consistency: we consistently deliver positive experiences to build trust with our customers.
  • Communication Consistency: we reinforce brand promises, made and kept, with consistent communication.

Consistency may not be the most exciting subject matter, but it is a vital component for client satisfaction. Ensuring consistency in every client interaction is something that requires the involvement of the leadership team and a holistic approach to client management.

Following up with your clients throughout a project provides them the opportunity to discuss their satisfaction on a regular basis. Frequent satisfaction updates also allow for issues to be addressed quickly.

At Amadeus Consulting, we’re always looking for the win. A win for our clients, is a win for our teams; a winning client, is a satisfied client; and a satisfied client is a returning client.