After several years of seriously crazy growth and an influx of new and exciting clients, Amadeus Consulting is looking to add to our staff of developers, creatives, and marketers. But why apply here above any other tech company in the Boulder/Denver area? I’ll tell you why – Amadeus Consulting is a great place to work. Check out some of the reasons why you should join our team:

Accessible Executive Team

Lisa QuoteAt many mid to large companies, there is a pretty good chance that you will rarely interact with the executive team. You may pass them in the halls, correspond with them on an email chain from time to time, sit in their office to receive your annual review. That about sums up my few jobs prior to working at Amadeus Consulting. If you have worked in this sort of environment before, it can be pretty intimidating. One perk that most employees at Amadeus Consulting will echo with me is that the executive team here is extremely accessible. They won’t just say hello to you in the hallway, they will stop by your desk to chat. You are encouraged to run ideas past them, debate with them, even talk sports over a beer on Friday afternoon. The ability to closely interact with the leadership, both professionally and socially, instills a collaborative environment organizationally and helps give rise to great ideas and happy employees.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Someone didn't get the "no costumes" memo on Halloween...

Someone didn’t get the “no costumes” memo on Halloween…

One of the most exciting elements of the Amadeus Consulting culture is that you work with a lot of really smart people. Our VP of Development said it best: “Are you the smartest person where you work now? Come work where you won’t be.” We get the fantastic opportunity to constantly work on technically challenging projects for exciting companies. This means that we recruit the best of the best, and if you join our ranks you will be pushed to challenge your mind and learn something new from your colleagues every single day.

Are you intimidated? Don’t be. Though projects can be challenging, our leadership also understands the important, delicate balance between work and life. Camaraderie is strong throughout the organization, and team members often walk down the street for a beer at Upslope Brewery, or go for a walk to take in the breathtaking view of the Flatirons. Don’t be surprised if you have to dodge a flying Nerf gun bullet from time to time or try your skills on the mini basketball hoop in the Creative room. It’s important to blow off some steam from time to time.

Repping Amadeus Consulting at Arapahoe Basin on Mountain Day!

Repping Amadeus Consulting at Arapahoe Basin on Mountain Day!

One of my favorite things about working at Amadeus Consulting is Mountain Days. Once per quarter, employees are encouraged to take Friday off and spend the day outside. Last spring, a big group of us all headed into the mountains to spend the day skiing and socializing at Arapahoe Basin. Other times employees will go to baseball games, hiking or have barbecues.

Skills Development

There is one absolute guarantee for all Amadeus Consulting employees: expect to grow while you are here. Whether it’s through brown-bag skills building luncheons, company sponsored technical certifications or some one-on-one time with your supervisor, I can promise that you will never feel stagnant here. One of my favorite perks are the mentoring lunches, in which a small group heads out to a local restaurant to pick an executive’s brain for an hour. I was lucky enough to get my Google Adwords certification shortly after I started at Amadeus Consulting, and am now working on getting my Google Analytics certification as well.

I could go on with the laundry list of awesome that is working at Amadeus Consulting, but instead a will leave you with some of the additional perks that I haven’t mentioned above:

  • Flexible paid time off, including cash out and rollover options
  • Amadeus Consulting is Hiring - Delicious Treats!Various discounts through our lovely clients (my personal favorite is Outdoor Prolink – helloooo ski season!)
  • Cross-training for development and other technical skills
  • Team based work environment – you won’t find any cubicles here!
  • Flexible work hours and casual dress policy
  • Bike racks, showers and changing rooms for those who prefer to run or bike to work (we have a lot of ‘em!)
  • Summer BBQ’s, team outings, monthly company lunches and game nights
  • Espresso machine with delicious coffee and milk options
  • Free B-cycle passes and discounted bus passes
  • The fabulous Gina Basso, perhaps the most amazing baker in sunny Boulder, CO, bakes a special request treat to celebrate each employee’s birthday (there are over 80 of us… you do the math!)

Oh… did I mention that we are hiring? We are! Check out our Careers page to find out more about the positions we are currently looking to fill and apply today!