Our co-founder here at Amadeus Consulting, John Basso, was recently interviewed by Christina Mulligan at SD Times for an article titled “Going beyond the code: Things developers should care about”.  The article features many insights from John about aligning passions with career as a developer, the current state of the job market, and matching personal preferences to find the ideal organization. He also addresses the need for cross-collaboration and teamwork on projects. Here’s a preview of some of his comments:

“There is a lot to be said about learning a little bit about what the other people on your team are doing,” said Amadeus’ Basso. “I have seen some pretty disastrous results in systems where people fail to acknowledge the other parts of the system that is being developed.”

According to Basso, this makes developers better at their job because they understand how other parts work at an intimate level. “That makes them much more valuable as individuals designing the solution for the whole problem,” he said.

Read the whole article here: http://sdtimes.com/going-beyond-code-things-developers-care/#ixzz47cOsF6ma