Unless you are an acrobat, balancing work and life has and will continue to be a struggle for many. From juggling family priorities to getting your business project completed on time, the challenge for people to “do-it-all” is limited. What is not-so limited, however, are the technological devices we rely on everyday that help us make our life and work a little easier–particularly, our phones. As the holidays approach, we can all use a little more organization and convenience in both work and life, and mobile apps may deliver the answer. We’ve found some of the top indispensible mobile apps for work and life that can help make your holiday a little less hectic.

Veebow–If holiday shopping is on your to-do list, check it off with Veebow, a mobile couponing app inspired by actress Valerie Bertinelli that helps shoppers get the best deal on products/services they want, when they want, location-specific, and free of charge. This app is also great year-round, perfect for the family on-the-go looking to save money on retail purchases while supporting local businesses who may not be able to afford the luxuries of advertising. It also is convenient for businesses looking to find a great work lunch spot within a budget. A win-win!veebow

Parker–Looking to get the best parking spot at the shopping mall? During the holidays, shopping centers are a battleground for short-lived parking opportunities. Not with Parker. Assess travel conditions, travel time, and directions with this free app that helps you find the best parking space available in your area. Real-time technology helps users see where they are located in relation to the open spot with detailed electronic street signs so users don’t have to guess which way to turn. Whether you’re late for work or trying to beat the holiday shopping crowd, Parker can help.parker

B-cycle–If driving isn’t your thing and you’re looking to go a little “green,” check out B-cycle, a free mobile app synced with local bike sharing kiosks in your area to find a healthier alternative to commuting to work or just cruising around town on the weekend. It helps users find a local B-cycle station in their city, using GPS location technology. The app tells the user how many available bikes are at a specific station and docks available. Get directions, and you’re set to roll out. B-cycle is available in Denver, Boulder, Broward, Charlotte, Des Moines, Fort Worth, Greenville, Hawaii, Houston, Kansas, and even Santiago, Chile!bcycle

ReQall–Don’t have time to jot down notes for work or make a grocery list? No worries. ReQall can help. A memory and remembering aid, the app’s speech-to-text feature lets you record things on your to-do list to memos and it syncs to your Outlook or Google Calendar so you know your when and where.reqall

OurGroceries—As we prepare for epic days filled with holiday cheer and lots of cooking, it is imperative to have an app dedicated to keeping your Christmas cooking extravaganza in order. OurGroceries helps you add and manage your shopping lists on your phone and check off items as you shop. The best part? You can share shopping lists amongst everyone in your household so there’s no more excuses for an empty fridge.OurGroceries

We hope these apps help you enjoy your holiday season a little more as you wrap up work for the year and focus on good family and friends. Happy shopping, parking, commuting, and checking things off your to-do list!