ID-GEM is a free tool and available now through a “Process-as-a-Service” type model at
Take a short questionnaire that matches ID-GEM process guidelines with your organization’s objectives, values and application-type characteristics. Once the questionnaire is completed, a customized PDF of the ID-GEM Framework is created and delivered to you in digital format.
For software and business teams, ID-GEM comes into play before the development process starts, and provides useful input for the entire requirements planning process. This is vitally important as the speed of software delivery increases and the negative impact of misaligned projects becomes more significant. With ID-GEM, development teams are better aligned with pre-determined business goals and have a clear understanding of what various stakeholders, including marketing, sales, customer service and operations, need.
The ID-GEM planning tool provides a practical, five-step process that includes:
1. Identify Value:
Defines the primary business value that needs to be achieved with the software, both short- and long-term.
2. Discovery Process:
A series of specific discovery questions to uncover the desired outcomes and benefits needed to achieve the value propositions outlined in Step One.
3. Goal Creation:
Defines a set of goals and associated design features to drive the outcomes and benefits.
4. Evaluate Outcomes:
Determines the exact data criteria that will be used to evaluate the software features.
5. Measure Success:
Helps analyze application performance data to ensure teams and the software being developed is always focused on achieving primary business value.
As a services company it made perfect sense for us to formulate and offer a framework that we consistently see as a vital, yet often overlooked, step in the software delivery process. While we see large, more sophisticated organizations having the resources to embrace business value in every software project, many smaller companies can benefit from a well-thought-out and, we believe, practical process framework.
We hope you download the planning framework, and that it serves as a repeatable process for you to use in your own software project planning. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and comments about bringing business value to the forefront of the projects we build.
Cheers to greater business value and impact in the work we all collectively do for our organizations!