The holidays can be a stressful time. Whether it be traveling, gift shopping, cooking, or an awkward family conversation, it’s almost impossible to avoid stress during the holidays. While you might not be able to have a stress-free holiday, here are some apps that might make it a bit easier.



There you are, you’re at the mall, shopping list in hand, but you’re on a budget, how are you going to know if you are really getting the best price on that camera for your dad? ShopSavvy is where it’s at. You can use ShopSavvy to find the best deals either online or in stores. You can scan the barcode on the item or search by the item name. That way you can save money and still get all the gifts on your list.

FlightCaster Pro


If you’re flying this holiday season, you need to have this app! This app will let you know about delays/flight cancellations up to six hours before the airline or airports. FlightCaster Pro uses an algorithm that analyzes 10 years’ worth of flight data and real-time info to determine whether or not your flight will be delayed, that way you know whether or not you’ll need to reschedule your flight. This app is available for iOS and Blackberry, and is 100% FREE!


KitchenPad Timer


Congratulations, you’re in charge of cooking dinner this year! I, personally, can’t think of anything quite as stressful as being in charge of the preparing the meal. After you’ve figured out what dishes will wow the family, it’s time to start cooking, but everything has different cooking times and nothing strikes fear in the heart of a cook like the smell of something burning. Well, here is an app that will help you manage your time and make sure that everything is cooked properly. KitchenPad Timer has two main screens: a 4 burner stovetop and an oven. You can label each heating element with text (so you remember what is cooking where), temperature, and cooking times. You can also choose different alarms, so when you hear gobbling you know the turkey is done. This app will run you $1.99 and after seeing it in action over Thanksgiving, it is a great buy!


Fake Calls

Fake calls

Stuck in an awkward conversation? Wishing you had an excuse to leave the room? Look no further than Fake Calls. This 99-cent app will simulate a phone call within seconds of opening the app, or you can set a timer for when you would like to receive your fake phone call. You can even set the “contact info” for the “caller” to someone in your phone book or you can make someone up. So when your mother starts asking when you’re going to start having kids, you can make a hasty exit. While this version is iOS only, there are similar versions that are compatible for Andriod.

I hope that these apps will help make your holiday season a little less stressful. If you have any apps that you love to use during the holiday season, feel free to mention them in the comment section below.