Tis the holiday season, full of good cheer, well wishes, and maybe some hair pulling stress. Never fear, I have the 10 apps that will help you organize all of your to-dos, plan any travel, make shopping rewarding, meal planning easy and even give you some quiet time. Ready for your holiday app survival guide?

Wunderlist ($4.99/month)

First things first, planning. Wunderlist is great for big picture planning. Starting now, you can plan everything from meals to shopping, lists of when and where relatives will be arriving, and any weekend getaways. You can color coordinate lists and tasks to stay organized and Wunderlist even instantly syncs between all your devices.

30/30 (free)

Holiday Apps 30-30Now down to the nitty gritty, day to day planning. 30/30 is the perfect app to help you budget your time. You decide how long you can spend on any given task and 30/30 reminds you to move on to the next project when time is up. During the holidays, I get distracted easily and having an app that will keep me focused and on task could mean that I actually end the day with a completed to-do list.

Evernote (free)

To help me complete all the lists I made using Wunderlist, in the time I allotted through 30/30, I have Evernote. Evernote lets me save links to my favorite shopping sites, store pictures of my gift ideas, make notes for meal planning, and organize all my travel information.

Kayak/RoadAhead (free/free)

For my holiday travel plans, I have Kayak and RoadAhead.  PC Magazine rated Kayak as one of its favorite travel sites, with easy access to the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals. Kayak will also take you directly to the site you need to book any reservations.  Road tripping?  RoadAhead will tell you all the restrooms, restaurants, gas stations, shopping centers, and any other businesses coming up on every interstate exit. Now I can pick and choose where I want to stop instead of just taking the next exit because I waited too long for a rest stop.

Shopkick/KeyRing (free/free)

To help make my shopping easier, I have Shopkick and KeyRing. Shopkick is the first mobile app that offers rewards just for walking into a store.  Shopkick is partnered with many large retailers including Target and Macy’s, so if you are doing in-store shopping, you might as well earn special offers and rewards!  KeyRing also makes your in-store shopping easier because it allows you to scan all your loyalty cards and reward memberships into your phone for easy access.

iCookbook ($4.99)

Holiday Apps iCookbookiCookbook to the rescue for all your meal planning.  This all-in-one cookbook app helps you discover new recipes with easy to find ingredients that are family friendly. Have certain ingredients on-hand? Look up recipes that use those ingredients. Need instructions for a full menu?  No problem, you can get step by step instructions and save your favorites.

TaskRabbit (no sign up fee)

If you read through this, and it all seems a bit overwhelming, don’t fret. With TaskRabbit, you can just let someone else take care of everything for you. That’s right, I said everything. You can hire someone to cook, clean, do all your shopping, take care of gift wrapping, make airport runs, almost everything you can imagine. Just use this app to hire vetted people to take care of everything.

The Quiet Place (free)

Now that you have someone to do all the work for you, go to The Quiet Place, sit back, make your way through their guided relaxation, and get through the holidays completely stress free.

So now, whether you are a DIYer who wants to take care of everything yourself or a person who would rather delegate all tasks, there are apps to get you through the holiday season. Happy Holidays, whatever route you take!