Amadeus Consulting has been around a pretty long time for a tech company. These days – there are so many tech companies popping up that it is not often that you see a company that has been around as long as Amadeus has – nearly 20 years! You don’t make it to twenty years in the turbulent technology industry without some pretty strong principles to guide you through the ups and downs.ethicsimage

Amadeus Consulting identified what defined us several years ago when we were going through an aggressive growth pattern. Growth is great – but we wanted to make sure that the company didn’t lose what made it special in the first place. Our founders created Amadeus with the vision of a company that creates solutions that make a difference. It was their goal to build a company that was satisfying to work for and a fun place to be. They knew that happy employees’ means happy clients and therefore came up with the nine Amadeus Guiding Principles.

The goal of defining our credo and principles was to provide a framework within our culture that would enable us to work together successfully, and create a win for us and our clients. They were not created simply to hang on a wall (though we did create signs around the office as a reminder!); they are incorporated into our lives, our space, our decisions, our words and our actions. We take these seriously because they ensure our vision stays secure, no matter the size of the company. We invite you to read them to get to know us better and understand how we may serve you.

I will be writing a blog series on these nine principles, so tune in every week to learn about each of the below principles and how these help us to create some amazing solutions for clients.

credoAmadeus Consulting Credo:

We strive to win in everything we do.

  • A win is delivering innovative technology solutions.
  • A win is doing what we say.
  • A win is only a win if our principles are upheld.
  • A win is best when everyone wins: clients, employees, Amadeus and the broader community.

You will hear us ask the questions: What is a win for our clients? What is a win for this meeting? What is a win for an Amadeus employee? What is a win for today? Did we win today? A win is solving a technical hurdle. A win is hiring the right person for the right job. A win includes having fun along the way. We know we aren’t going to win every time, but we sure are going to try.

The Amadeus Consulting Guiding Principles:

  • Everything is possible.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Do “it” with passion.
  • Develop great software with both science and art.
  • Engineer winning strategies.
  • A culture of relaxed professionals.
  • Sustainability matters.
  • Take pride in what we create and how we create it.
  • Protect what we love.

Next week I will be writing on “Everything is Possible” and how we have created solutions for clients that they were told couldn’t be done.