While you’ve definitely heard of Google, you probably haven’t heard of Aclima. They are a San Francisco-based startup that designs and deploys environmental sensor networks. As part of the Google Earth Outreach initiative, Aclima has been installing their sensors on to Google Street View cars to map and track urban air quality.

During its first pilot, three Street View cars collected 150 million data points in just over a month of driving around Denver. They measured the chemical levels of things like: nitrogen dioxide, methane, black carbon, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The goal is to make data like this “as accessible as the weather”, says Aclima CEO Davida Herzl, with the hopes that having this information readily available to residents and community leaders can make decisions that improve air-quality.

For more information on how Aclima and Google are striving to improve the air we breathe, watch the video below.