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With all the attention that has been on Apple and its new iPad recently, we decided it might be good to recap what is happening on “the other side of the Internet” and cover what is happening over at Google.

Google obviously is a major player in the technology market and their actions seem to affect (positively or negatively) most everyone else in the marketplace. This week, we have some really neat stuff to cover, with some exciting implications.

Partnering with the NSA

This week, Google said that they have temporarily partnered with the National Security Agency, America’s premier digital intelligence agency, in order to track down the culprits in a recent attack on Google.

The attack, as well as the NSA partnership, has reinvigorated efforts toward increasing the security of our technological infrastructure against hackers. Martin Libicki, author of Conquest in Cyberspace and a senior policy analyst at the Rand Corporation, explained the sudden admittance of cyber insecurity by so many organizations and businesses.“Google has set the new standard,” Libicki said. “If it can happen to Google, who is in the Internet business and in many cases is the Internet, than Ma and Pa Gearswitch can come out and admit they were attacked.”

Data and information security is obviously a huge concern for our clients. This is why we have created best practices and recommendations which we bring to each project. We’re hoping this leads to increased security and better law enforcement to protect our client’s data.

WWII Aerial Photos

Google updated Google Earth’s historical imagery to feature a new batch of pictures which show how some cities looked during the middle of WWII compared to how they look now.

Google Earth’s historical imagery was also in the news last month for showing before and after aerial photos of the tragic earthquake in Haiti. These images can be extremely helpful to rescuers responding to devastating natural disasters as they show roads, waterways and open areas that are vital in establishing the logistical infrastructure required for large-scale rescue efforts.

This is very cool technology and one that has influenced many of the projects we work on, including most recently many of our mobile applications. As leaders in not only technology but as corporate citizens, we look forward to leveraging these new features.

Business App Store

The Wall Street Journal broke the story (rumor actually, since it is still unconfirmed) about a Google business app store for Google Apps. It is intended to provide developers a place where they can offer add-ons to Gmail, Google Documents, and other Google applications.

This is pretty exciting actually since it provides incentive for businesses to develop for Google Apps. It will be interesting to see what ideas our clients come up with for Gmail add-ons. I also know some government organizations, non-profits and private businesses that operate exclusively on Google Docs, so it will be nice for them to get some additional functionality.

Store Views

I first saw this on Search Engine Land, who says they got it from a semi-anonymous tipster. It looks like Google is experimenting with a new Google Maps product called Store Views. Store Views, presumably, would allow users to digitally walk through stores much like they can navigate through the streets at eye level in Google Street Views.

This might be very exciting for retail stores and it will be interesting to see if Google will incorporate a version of its Billboard overlays (clickable advertisements placed over billboards and signs that you see while navigating in Google Maps) to allow visitors to shop and buy products online.

This is pretty compelling news for the mobile market, given the difficulty of advertising portably. Though we have not seen the full effect of this, rest assured we will be on top of this emerging technology and ready to offer integration with mobile enterprises.

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