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Amadeus Consulting is proud to announce a new marketing division called Amadeus Digital! As a custom technology solutions provider, we strive to provide the best solutions that meet our client’s business needs. We have always provided digital marketing services but realized that a full-fledged focus on the service line would allow us to provide the customized, client-centric approach that our clients have come to expect from our technology solutions.

Amadeus Digital leverages the technical expertise of Amadeus Consulting, but provides an additional blend of innovation, creativity, and technology to build marketing strategies that work for each client. Amadeus Digital provides marketing support in each of these three areas:

  • Business and Product Marketing
  • Branding and Experience Design
  • Business Intelligence

Marketing helps drive demand to your product or service. Amadeus Digital provides online marketing lead generation in SEO, Online Advertising, Sales Cycle Management, and Social Media. We help manage your online presence, because after all, nearly 60% of consumers use the Internet to make purchasing decisions. Amadeus Digital’s lead generation solutions help answer questions like:

  • “How much is a Facebook ‘Like’ worth for my business?”
  • “Why doesn’t my website show up when people search for my products on Google?”
  • “How can I know if my current marketing efforts are as effective as they can be?”

Brand Experience engages your customers with intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and brand-consistent design. Amadeus Digital provides solutions centered on user conversion, brand experience and user experience strategy. This helps take potential customer bases – like visitors to your website – and turn more of them into paying customers and clients, while increasing their overall satisfaction.

Analysis and Business Intelligence are the foundations to any successful overall marketing strategy. These tools allow you to act wisely and achieve the best results. From strategy development to managing active campaigns, one of the biggest impacts on your success is the data and information you use to guide your actions. This also includes integration into CRM tools for comprehensive lifecycle tracking.

If you want more information about this new division and the services provided, contact us or go to the Amadeus Digital website.