What has been referred to as The Great Unbundling continues. Keeping with their trend of turning features into stand-alone apps, Facebook has launched a Groups App. The purpose of this app is to help users share more easily with their groups and discover new ones. The Groups feature has been a part of the Facebook app since it launched but users found it to slow and hard to find.

FB GroupsWith Groups, Facebook hopes to make it easier for you to stay connected to your friends and to find new groups that you might be interested in. Groups are whatever you want to make them. They can be made up of the people from your bunk at summer camp you want to stay connected to, family that is spread out all over the country, or people that you’ve never actually met but are providing some parenting advice. A new feature of note is ‘Discovery’, which will help you find groups to join based on your friends, location, or communities related to your interests.

FB Groups 1Similar to the Rooms app launched in October, Facebook hopes that by making it easier for people organize their friends and interests with Groups, interest in the enterprise app Facebook At Work will also grow. (Look for Facebook At Work to be rolling out some time in the near future.) But unlike their Messenger app, users won’t be forced to use the Groups app as the existing functionality will stay in the main Facebook app, for now.

Do you find ‘The Great Unbundling’ of Facebook features a help or a hindrance? What feature do you think will be the next to break away and become a stand-alone app? Leave it in the comments below.