In its quest to exceed the needs of its users, Facebook has decided to try its hand at another app: Rooms. With this app, the folks at Facebook are trying to bring back the “good old days” of the internet when forums and chat rooms where the dominant fad. But what is Rooms and why do we want to return to the days of forums and chat rooms?

What is it?

cross stitchOn Facebook a room is a feed of text, photos, or videos all having to do to with a set topic picked by the room creator. Any topic can have a room and a room can have any topic. If you are really in to cross-stitching rap lyrics, make a room for it and you can talk to likeminded people. Huge fan of sumo wrestling, make a room; the possibilities are endless!

The creators of the rooms have ultimate control of the room. They can create a color scheme, set member permissions, and decide if they want the content of the room to be linkable. The team at Facebook hope to add more features but for now it sounds very similar to creating a normal Facebook page for an interest.

What they hope it will be:

roomsThe Rooms folks want their users to feel empowered to be whoever they want to be (i.e. you can go by whatever name you want). They say on their blog “It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like or how old you are – all of us are the same size and shape online.”As I said before, they are striving to bring back the concept of the chat room or forum where people who are interested in the same things can come together and talk about the things they love.

The main focus at the moment is to work with a set of community builders so that those communities grow and become successful. If you create a room that you think has the potential to be important to a certain demographic, send the Rooms team an email at with an invite to your room and a paragraph about why you think your room is meaningful.

Give Rooms a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!