In case you didn’t have yesterday’s Apple event live-streaming in your office (like we did), here is everything you need to know:

Apple Pay

apple 1Apple Pay, Apple’s new NFC mobile payment service, will launch on October 20th. With this launch, Apple touted an impressive list of banks and retailers that will support the service and promised to add to that list by the end of the year.

Apple Pay was first announced last month during Apple Live, the big iPhone/Apple Watch event, but never announced an actual roll out date until yesterday. While this is by no means the first NFC payment system (see Google Wallet) but Apple hopes that the TouchID authentication will make payments via phone/watch commonplace and secure.

iOS 8.1

Along with Apple Pay, iOS 8.1 will also be launching on October 20th. Apple will be using this update, like most updates, to address user feedback. For example, they will be bringing back the Camera Roll. The removal of which caused great uproar in the iPhone community.

OS X Yosemite

After running a public beta in June, Apple finally mass released the new OS X Yosemite yesterday after the keynote. Some of the features of this desktop update include cross-functionality between iOS devices, new iCloud storage features, and an overhaul of the iWork suite.


Yesterday, Apple announced the release of the newest iMac with Retina Display, claiming that the 27 inch screen has the world’s highest resolution. In what they are calling a “Retina 5K Display” this screen has a whopping 14.7 million pixels, which is around 7 times more than your standard HDTV at 1080p.

Since Apple “accidentally” leaked details of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, this next bit shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise…

iPad Air 2/iPad mini 3

ipad air 2The iPad Air 2, now 18% thinner, is 10-inches of processing power with a 47% faster CPU and a battery life of 10 hours. Apple also upgraded the FaceTime camera and incorporated TouchID integration on the Home button in both the Air 2 and mini 3.


What are your thoughts on yesterday’s Apple event and which product upgrade are you most looking forward to? Leave it in the comments below.