With winter graduation fast approaching, we here at Amadeus Consulting thought that it would helpful for you soon-to-be-grads to know what tech employers are looking for in candidates. Here are some trends our Director of Talent Acquisitions, Steve Loper, has seen recently.

Front-End Development Skills

This isn’t just referring to HTML 5 and CSS but also JavaScript and Java libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, and Knockout.js.

Contribution to Open Source Projects

GitHubEmployers are beginning to look more and more in places like GitHub to see examples of development skills based on candidate contributions. Building a presence on GitHub can be a bit difficult to do overnight.

Answering Questions

Employers are also starting to pay more attention to query sites, like Stack Overflow. This is a site where someone can pose a development question and other members provide answers, think Yahoo Answers for developers.  This type of presence is a bit easier to build, just spend an hour a day a couple days a week answering questions. It is recommended that if you have a Stack Overflow account and you have answered a fair amount of questions, include it on your resume.

Selenium Knowledge

If you are interested in Quality Assurance (QA) testing, Selenium again is becoming an important resource for developers. Around for about 10 years, Selenium has been a software testing framework for web apps that has a record/playback tool so developers can test a software even if it’s written in a language they may not know.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Experience

amazon web servicesMore and more businesses are turning to the cloud to replace physical, on-site servers and many business are choosing AWS (cloud services provided by Amazon). If you are looking for a job as a Systems Administrator (or any IT career) AWS is something you should be familiar with.

Hopefully, shedding some light on these trends will help you land your dream STEM job. If you are a techie looking for a new job, head on over to our Careers page to browse openings for mobile and web developers, project managers, and more!