Every business needs to have a set of guiding principles. More importantly they need to consistently put them into action and build a culture that reflects your principles daily. At Amadeus Consulting, we have nine guiding principles which help us to be better partners for our clients, colleagues for our teams, and leaders in our community.

Everything is Possible

We are up for solving our clients’ biggest and business-critical challenges. In order for everything to be possible we have to be creative, innovative, and open-minded in our approach, strategy, and practices. Our teams have a wide variety of experiences which allows us to work with clients of all sizes and across industries to solve complex problems.

Do the Right Thing

Guiding principlesWe put a premium on doing the right thing – not just for our clients but also for our employees and community. For us, this often means finding the right technology for a project. This approach allows us to build solutions with architecture that scales and is maintainable. We also strive to give back to the community through things like volunteering to serve breakfast at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless to office-wide blood drives. We also encourage and appreciate the diversity in each person’s values, needs, styles, perspectives and contributions.

Do “It” with Passion

We are a team who is passionate about life, which includes our work, our play, and our environment. We love creating solutions for our clients that make a difference. We put our all in to everything we do, whether it is building a system for a client or playing foosball in the game room.

Develop Great Software with Both Science and Art

To create efficient and beautiful systems, we tap into our artistic and creative sides. It is in part why we are named Amadeus, after the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There is a science and an art to great musical compositions, and we believe the same is true of the software we create. In every system we build, we make sure that it’s not only functional but engaging as well.

Engineer Winning Strategies

In our software development strategy, we design processes that follow established guidelines while encouraging innovation, with consideration for future enhancements. We have multiple methodologies (Agile, Waterfall) that we pull from in order to ensure the best approach for all of our projects.

A Culture of Relaxed Professionals

We ask ourselves, “What environment best allows us to create, to win?” The answer includes many things, such as: streamlined processes, optimizing office space, access to the executive team, making it easy to recycle, running meetings with purpose, and saying what we mean. There are areas in our office for people to take a break (the café), blow off some steam (the game room), or have a quiet moment (the Zen room).

Sustainability Matters

We recognize that we are inextricably linked with our community and our environment. We commit to doing ourGuiding principles2 part to tread lightly and reduce our consumption of natural resources. As a company, we try to reduce our footprint by recycling, composting, and bringing hard to recycle materials such as Styrofoam to CHaRM.

Take Pride in What We Create and How We Create It

We want the software products we deliver to make a difference. We are proud of what our clients can accomplish using what we create. A win is our software enabling our clients to excel in their field. Our systems can revolutionize the way you do business and our team of experts will guide through every step of the development process.

Protect What We Love

We designed a company centered on being the kind of place where our employees love to work, and the kind of company with whom clients love to work with. We uphold these principles by having every employee embrace our credo as the foundation of our company and our culture.

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