If your click through rates (CTR) hasn’t been increasing in the weeks leading up to 2013 holiday season, then your marketing department should be in full crunch-time mode seeking better solutions.  Then again, maybe your pay per click campaigns are doing just fine, but your company is seeking minor tweaks that will boost the bottom line to an all-time high.  In either case, it is not too late to cash in on this season’s shopping bonanza if you act immediately.  Here are a few tips to get your campaign that extra kick start that it deserves-

Focus on Internal Branding

Developing a Brand

Today’s brand of shopper is better informed than ever before, and they consider more than just price and quality when making their online purchases.  Your reputation as a company will be scrutinized after every single click, and it is up to you to convince consumers that you’ll be able to deliver on the promises that are made advertisements.  Here are just a few ways to make your brand name stand out to consumers-

–          Consider unique landing pages for each PPC ad to enforce the original messaging

–          Focus on brand names within ads, even if they are not readily known

–          Embrace each of your unique traits so consumers know who you are

–          Always make statements in your ads that instill confidence


In other words, your PPC advertising has to showcase more than just a product or service; it has to convey the honest intentions of a company that specializes in meeting one specific need.

Reach Out to Mobile Consumers


Likewise, a large majority of today’s consumers use their smart phones and other digital devices for product reviews, comparison shopping and to make actual purchases.  If your website is not mobile friendly, then a large portion of your clicks have practically zero chance of converting to these types of visitors.  It is estimated that 8.9 out of every 10 websites using pay per click advertising make this exact mistake and their click thru rates have steadily plummeted over the past few years.  If you’re serious about online sales, then it’s time to finally bite the bullet and add a .mobi extension to your business domain.

A mobile version of your website needs to be a lot more than simply shrinking down a landing page; it should be tailored specifically to streamline information about the purchase, to give easy access to reviews, and to offer a simplified way to complete the sale.

Never Underestimate Keywords


One final piece of advice is to keep up with trending topics and revisit the topic of keywords often.  Far too many companies perform one keyword analysis the day they set up their PPC campaigns, without ever even thinking of a follow up visit to re-examine what consumers are searching for.  Remember that choosing keywords is a science in itself that is always evolving, so you may be missing out on a large piece of the overall pie just by not staying current.

Additionally, do not be afraid to experiment this holiday season with split A/B campaigns to really test the waters.  New customers come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re targeting multiple demographics, then your ads should be specific to each of their needs.