3d small people the king with a sword. 3d image. Isolated white background.Can you tell us the exact amount your business pays to generate a lead online? Unless your website is focusing on quality content to entice your readers, then chances are that customer acquisition is a major expense for your company. In fact, the latest Google updates were designed specifically to punish websites that try to take shortcuts in search engine rankings so the popular SEO phrase, “Content is King” has never been more applicable than it is in 2013. What many of our clients fail to realize, however, is that great web content is the only investment a company can make that pays for itself for decades to come.

For example, one of our staff members performed an online search the other day to purchase an uncommon lawn mower part that he couldn’t find at a local store. He used the manufacturer name and the model number as his keywords; four sponsored postings popped up claiming to have the part in stock. In all four cases, however, the websites had no information about the actual part and provided a completely different model number from the one he was searching for. These are sponsored listings, mind you, ranging from $3 to $8 dollars per click and not at all optimized enough to give the consumer enough information to make a purchase.

Great Content Engages Your Readers

When a consumer performs a Google search for a specific product or service, they will make a purchase over 90% of the time if two important criteria are met-

1)      The product/service is available immediately at a fair price

2)      There is enough documentation to create confidence

While that may seem like common sense, there are millions of domains out there that completely ignore the content requirements in order to save a little bit of money. What they really end up doing, however, is forcing their potential customers to gain knowledge from third party sites that will likely have the same products available at a comparable price. That’s why great content is so crucial for every business in every type of industry.

This concept goes far beyond simple product descriptions and core web pages as well, because the websites that establish themselves as the authority in any given genre are much more likely to have a high level of consumer trust. That’s why many “affiliate sites” are able to naturally take in more traffic than the brands that they are representing; they simply engage their readers by providing great information.

Great Content Ranks Well in Search Engines

Still not sold on converting your pay-per-click campaigns to great website content? That’s probably because you’re only looking at one side of the coin here. The other thing that great web content gives your site is a much greater chance of ranking well in the search engines for your company’s main keywords and phrases. Search engine optimization in 2013 is largely based on how customers interact with your website-

–          How many pages do they visit?

–          What’s their average time on-site?

–          How often do they leave comments?

–          How often do they make a purchase?

All of these factors are a direct reflection on how good your site’s information is.

Another perk that comes from providing great content on your website is that this information will remain in cyberspace as long as your site is live, meaning that today’s investment will continue to drive new customers to your business five, ten, and even twenty years down the road. Compare that to any other form of advertising; the potential return is exponentially greater and it appeases your customers at the same time.

Great Content Creates Lasting Authority

In summary, hiring a professional copy writer to bolster your website’s online presence pays off in more ways than the average business owner could possibly count. From making your domain more valuable to keeping your customers entertained, great content is essential every step of the way. If you need any help finding your website’s inner voice, just drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.