In President Barack Obama’s January 30, 2016 weekly address he went into greater depth on his ‘Computer Science for All’ initiative.

He has tackled a plan to equip children with analytical and coding skills so they can power our new innovation economy.

Here are some highlights:

  • Computer Science Equal to Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

President Obama argues that computer science isn’t a special area of study, instead it’s now a basic skill like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  • 75% of Schools Don’t Offer Computer Science

He noted in his speech that only 1/4 of primary & secondary schools offer the opportunity to learn computer science.

His 3-Part Plan:

  • Asking Congress for funding in next 3 years so schools can offer CS classes: $4B funding for states and $100M for districts
  • National Science Foundation & Corporation for National and Community Service will be leveraged to train more teachers to teach CS: $135M investment beginning this year
  • Grow a bipartisan movement by asking governors, mayors, business leaders, and tech entrepreneurs to join the effort