Client Spotlight: Veebow Mobile Couponing App

Company Background:   

Veebow was founded by Tom Vitale and Edward Loew to connect buyers with savvy companies through local, regional and national special deals using a free application on smart phones and mobile devices. Inspired by Vitale’s wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, the site has attracted top companies in categories ranging from retail stores to restaurants.

A life-long coupon-clipper, Bertinelli desired to offer something for consumers that is free – like a coupon should be, and thus Veebow was born. Veebow believes that coupons should not be something that consumers have to pay for, and provides a solution to other group-buying sites that require both consumers and the merchants to pay up front for deals. Veebow (Vitale’s nickname for Bertinelli) was designed to provide an exceptional experience for consumers and merchants alike.

Veebow was created to offer the very best deals around town, for free. Deals are designed to last longer than a day, so consumers can use their coupon when they are ready. Veebow is the solution that makes it easy to get the deals that consumers want, when they want.

Business Challenge/Business Goals

Veebow needed a development partner that could build the app in a relatively quick time frame. Veebow talked to many mobile app development companies and ultimately chose Amadeus Consulting because of Amadeus Consulting’s client-centric approach. Veebow was impressed that the technology solutions Amadeus Consulting recommended reflected an approach that was best for Veebow. Because Amadeus Consulting’s team has the ability and experience to do both PHP and .NET development in-house, Veebow benefited from an unbiased point of view and was able to select the best technology for its business goals.


Amadeus Consulting was tasked with a fairly tight deadline, and delivered a website and two mobile apps on two different platforms, iPhone™ and Android™, in two months.

As a company that enjoys a challenge, Amadeus Consulting essentially created a new way to do mobile couponing from scratch. Amadeus Consulting was able to work collaboratively with Veebow’s creative firm, and turn those custom creative ideas into a technically feasible reality. Amadeus Consulting’s creative services team designed the user experience to be intuitive and simple, giving Veebow’s creative firm the flexibility to design Veebow’s brand within the realm of possibility.

Once the app was developed, Veebow took advantage of the mobile support solution that Amadeus Consulting offers. Now the app is being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Amadeus Consulting can proactively offer analysis and consulting advice to help the company plan ahead and grow strategically. Veebow also took advantage of the Flurry Analytics package that Amadeus Consulting offers mobile clients. Now Veebow has access to information about the app like customer demographics and error reporting.

Veebow was released on November 18, and Valerie Bertinelli has embarked on a publicity tour as Veebow’s spokesperson. Bertinelli’s appearances and interviews can be watched here.

About the Author

As Marketing Manager at Amadeus Consulting, Melanie Moffett is passionate about how technology is changing the world of marketing. Melanie is also very interested in how mobile technology is constantly redefining how users interact with the world. Melanie's experience and knowledge in communications and brand management has helped Amadeus Consulting and its clients succeed since joining the company in 2008.

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