Today, everyone in the tech world is all abuzz over the new iPhone. Did you get yours yet? I am an Android user, so I am less excited about the Apple news. However, the new iOS is awesome, and my colleague wrote a great blog about it last week so check that out if you have questions. But this blog isn’t actually about the iPhone at all, that was just a cheap trick to get your attention! I wanted to talk about Microsoft today. You may have missed the news, but Microsoft changed the Bing logo last week. Didn’t notice it? Neither did most people. Technically – the logo hasn’t been rolled out yet. But you can see the new look here.

New Color, Less Curly

The new Bing logo is the same yellow gold color as the bottom left square in the Microsoft logo flag. They also changed the font to Segoe. They also added a wordmark that adds a bit of techie coolness and gives Bing a sharper presence. The old logo was “curly, softer, so this fits much more with the modern kind of approach we’ve taken on some of the other logos,” said design lead for Bing’s User Experiences Lawrence Ripsher. It neatly fits in with all the other Microsoft products now, giving the whole brand a cohesive look and feel. Personally, I like the new logo. I think it feels more mature than the old logo.


New Page Design and Integration with Windows 8.1 has also been redesigned. It still features the cool daily Bing image but results are served up differently and trending searches and news items scroll on the bottom with attractive thumbnail images. Also, once you do some searching, the new will serve up items it thinks you might find interesting.

One of the coolest things about the new Bing is its integration with the new Windows version 8.1. They have added Bing Smart Search with allows you to search for things in your desktop. Bing is also getting into the App business, with Bing Food and Drink and Bing Health and Fitness. Bing Food and Drink is a tablet app and the coolest feature in my opinion is the hands-free mode so you can look up recipes without gumming up the surface of your Surface.

Yahoo’s New Logo – Garners Criticism

Bing is not the only logo to experience and overhaul recently. Yahoo unveiled its new logo on September 5, after testing out a new logo every day for the thirty preceding days. Here is a fun YouTube video that shows the progression of the thirty different logos.

You can see that none of the trademark purple was changed, nor the all uppercase letters of the old Yahoo logo. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer wrote that “we knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo — whimsical, yet sophisticated. Modern and fresh, with a nod to our history.”

I don’t know if that is what they accomplished with the new logo, but you can view the new logo and decide for yourself!