Author: Lisa Calkins

The Impact of Office Design

An inspiring office space is crucial to motivating and engaging staff. With a good office design you can improve creativity and productivity. Do you still have physical office space and appreciate the reasons Google has cool things in their office but have a much, much smaller budget? Then here are some ideas that are intended to foster a cultural of collaboration, creativity, and employee wellness. Room/desk assignments by project Open spaces can make people feel more comfortable and not so “boxed-in,” which can create greater productivity and efficiency. We threw out office cubes back in the 90’s, and most...

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Not Good Enough!

Let me start with saying I am not a psychologist, scientist, or researcher, so if you are looking for hard science, keep searching.  I am the CEO of a technology company and I am currently participating in a committee with business and university leaders in our community. The committee goal is to come up with innovative ideas that can help drive collaboration between our amazing university (Go CU!) and our thriving business community. During a recent committee meeting, one of the professors shared that they felt that in last ten years there has been an undercurrent of negativity in...

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(Not your father’s) Advice on How to be a Better Leader

Let’s cover the easy part first, I am a woman CEO so clearly this isn’t going to be the male leader perspective. The not so easy part, sharing atypical advice on aspects of leadership attributes that we have heard and read about a thousand times like communication, recognition, and trust. Talking is not communicating. Seriously, how many articles have you read that focus on active listening, non-verbal communication, and empathy related to communication but, in reality, what most of us do is a lot of talking.  We count this as “communicating”, we talk to them about our strategy, we...

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Internet of Things: A CEO’s Perspective

Everyone is talking about “The Internet of Things” but what does it really mean? Here’s my perspective: Although this is going to sound crazy, it really isn’t about the Internet as we think about it today. It is about the technology that connects things. Actually, let’s start by remembering back when the “Internet” was first drawn as a spider web or even now as it is drawn as a cloud. Instead of computers connected to other computers through that magical web or cloud, I want you to think about your thermostat, a grocery cart, a microscope, a commercial scale,...

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