Author: Lisa Calkins

New Beginnings – Amadeus Merges with Exadel

At Amadeus, passion for innovation and excellence has long been a hallmark of our ethos, both internally and with customers. We are always pursuing ways to push the boundaries of technology and to better serve our clients – to find ways to extend our “boutique style” software consultation to more people, teams, and organizations. We wanted to take our passionate, personalized approach to software development and step up to the next level. With that in mind, a year ago, we began to seek out a partner who would allow us to take the passion and innovation we’ve created here...

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ID-GEM Process Step Three: Goal Creation

Clearly defined business goals are key to a successful project In today’s blog, we will continue outlining the five steps of the ID-GEM framework to help you dive into how this free process can help drive your business. We’ve already covered the “I” – Identify Value – and the “D” – “Discovery Questions.” In this blog, we’ll be jumping headfirst into “G” or “Goal Creation.” Before we begin, let’s quickly revisit the previous two steps. Identify Value is the process of defining the business need and the value that the project will provide. Step two – Discovery Questions –...

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ID-GEM Process Step Two: Discovery Questions

Diving into step two of the ID-GEM process – “Discovery Questions” In today’s post, we’re going to be talking more about the steps of ID-GEM – the business impact software framework from Amadeus Consulting that is designed to streamline your development process. ID-GEM is a free, downloadable planning tool that helps organizations incorporate business objectives early in the development process to reduce software project failure rates by addressing the need for better front-end planning. In our last post, we talked about step one – the “I” of ID-GEM, which stands for “Identify Value.” It might be helpful to take...

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Why Every CEO Should Download Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO’s meteoric rise can be attributed to a lot of things. It’s quite “sticky” because the platform is built on an endless reward cycle of catching Pokemon. It has a fantastic brand history that connects with young and old users alike. Most importantly, it opens up a whole new way to experience a multi player game – face to face in the real world. When every modern multi player game only connects people across servers and screens, its refreshing to get together with others in person to play. You may think it’s only a game for kids, but people of...

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ID-GEM Process Step One: Identify Value

Taking a look at the first-step in this five-step efficiency framework How many times have you set off on a software development project with a brilliant idea and boatloads of ambition, only to finish the project and realize it doesn’t meet the necessary business objectives? ID-GEM is a free tool from Amadeus Consulting that aims to help avoid this seemingly inevitable “planning gap” and help bring your dev project from ideation to completion more efficiently, with better overall team alignment, and with buy-in from all stakeholders. ID-GEM is particularly formulated for small-to-medium sized businesses – business that can least...

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