Author: Jay Millard

Don’t Forget Your Principles

Every business needs to have a set of guiding principles. More importantly they need to consistently put them into action and build a culture that reflects your principles daily. At Amadeus Consulting, we have nine guiding principles which help us to be better partners for our clients, colleagues for our teams, and leaders in our community. Everything is Possible We are up for solving our clients’ biggest and business-critical challenges. In order for everything to be possible we have to be creative, innovative, and open-minded in our approach, strategy, and practices. Our teams have a wide variety of experiences...

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Small Business: Influencing the Trends of Boulder County

Boulder County consistently ranks well for all types of “quality of life” statistics.  We are living in a beautiful area with a well-educated, successful, and vibrant community. With these successes, when you look closer at the socioeconomic factors, we are experiencing an achievement gap.  It is easy to look at these broad trends and conclude that these problems are too big for a small business or individual to offer much in the way of a solution. In actuality, the circumstances right here in Boulder County imply a different truth: the best way to influence the trends of Boulder County...

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