Author: Jonathan Fries

Agile Development in a Services Environment Pt 3 – Client Integration

Our clients desire varying degrees of involvement in their projects.  There are our ‘Fire and Forget’ clients who want early involvement and frequent demos, but who can easily express their complete vision at the outset of a project. Then there are other types of clients – clients who may only really understand 50% of what they need to build initially, clients whose vision is still developing but who want to get started, and clients who need a full-scale business pivot in the midst of their project. For all those types, agile is a great answer to running a project...

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Agile Development in a Services Environment Pt 2– Sales and Initial Client Expectations

Establishing and exceeding client expectations is key to any successful services company. This starts very early in the relationship and needs to continue throughout the life of the engagement. So, how do we begin setting expectations, even before a project is sold? By making sure that the Business Development Consultant is armed with tools to put the client at ease and responding quickly to client requests. In the case of agile development, the best way to set client expectations are: 1.Develop a firm understanding of what the client wants their system to be: spend time with the client, understand...

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Agile Development in a Services Environment Pt. 1

At Amadeus Consulting, clients bring us projects from many different industries and with different technology needs.  The common theme?  They are hard projects.   At times they are projects that other companies or individuals have failed to complete. We have developed a project process over the years that allows us to deliver challenging technology projects for our clients while still managing costs and timeline. We have incorporated elements of agile development over the years – elements like sprints and frequent demos, but we’ve resisted switching to complete agile development because we firmly believed (with a few exceptions) that it wasn’t...

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